Steam Deck: 17 tricks, tips and essential configurations

Steam Deck: 17 tricks, tips and essential configurations

Your Steam Library is made portable with Steam Deck. Or, at least, you will no longer depend on both a support where to place that expensive laptop you bought to continue your games or an Internet connection to play in remote. Valve puts your favorite obsessions on the palms of your hands with a device tailored to your platform, and that is very good. But, how can I raise a simple screenshot of my new record?

In games we have dedicated ourselves to pass it with the _ edition of console_ of Valve and not only rediscovered games that deserve to be experienced beyond the desk, but we have allowed a little bit with its possibilities with an objective more or less defined but quite concrete: you take out the best possible game to Steam Deck.

Precisely, therefore, we have met at the same site More than a dozen tricks, tips and essential configurations so you can use Steam Deck and enjoy your portable design without missing the keyboard and mouse. Especially because, as you will see, with a simple gesture you will have them again on the screen.

How do I get the mouse and the keyboard on the screen

Both the interface and Steam DeCk games are designed so you do not need or miss the mouse, although Valve opens the door to be able to use it in different ways, including the option to configure a wireless model through the Bluetooth. However, there are much simpler alternatives.

  • Starting from the simple, if you need that the cursor of a mouse appears on the screen will suffice with that you press The Steam button (just to the left of the screen) and combine it with the right stick or the right trackpad of the Steam Deck.

  • Logically, that the cursor is very good, but we will need to use it. The system is simple: by pressing The Steam button and once smoothly the left trigger or right trackpad is equivalent to right-click. And if we use the Steam button along with the right trigger it will be as if we did click with the right button.
  • On the other hand, at the time of Use the keyboard This one appears whenever we headed to an area with a box that enables it (chats, game search, store, etc.) although we can also make it jump when We want simply by pressing at the same time The Steam button and the X button (Equis)

As a final detail, it is no longer needed to keep in mind that we can control the Steam Deck virtual keyboard both through the screen with the two trackpads at a time, simply and without losing the clamping of the machine. From there, it already depends on how each one likes.

Very small the lyrics?: Use the magnifying glass

One of Steam Deck’s strengths is precisely access to settings and setting settings that only exist on PC. However, we do not always have the option to accommodate the text and resolution and the size of the Valve system screen is the 1. Luckily, there is a solution as simple as effective: magnifying glass.

The way to activate the magnifying glass of the Steam Deck screen and adjust it is very simple: let’s keep pressed The Steam button (just below the left trackpad) along with the top button L1. From there, a system will be activated with which we can adjust what we see on the screen. In addition, if using the magnifying glass we use the right trackpad we will have access to a panoramic magnifying glass view. Nothing bad.

The importance of managing your battery efficiently

That the battery life of Steam Deck depends on what you play is something relatively obvious, that you can manage the performance of your battery Simplely and efficiently not so much: the valve system has a section of its own Quick menu with which to squeeze plus the duration of your games when there are no view plugs.

To access this function, simply press the BOT FAST SETTENS (just under the right trackpad) and go to the battery tab, where you can see the remaining percentage, an approximation of the game time that remains and Even what will take to complete the load if you have it plugged into the current.

As a reference, and as you can see above, if you are 1/3 of the load and do not use it, you will have it ready in an hour and a half. But there does not finish the thing.

Steam Deck Review: Valve's Handheld Gaming PC Tested!

To start there are a four-level system to accommodate the performance of the battery that determines many of the default system factors and easily. Simply, we adjust it from the touch screen or with the trackpad. And there are more: we have an advanced settings tab to select elements and options that directly condition the load duration. A small great detail that makes a difference.

How to make screenshots in Steam Deck

Achieving a record of record, finding a very rare Easter Easter or reaching an epic feat in a multiplayer is very good. Immortalize the moment with a capture is even better . In PC we have it easy, since it is sufficient to press a simple keyboard button or make use of any capture system. But, and in Steam Deck?

While, at the moment there is no button dedicated to the catches, we can save anything we have on the screen of the machines. This capture, and we can also find it comfortably in the multimedia section of the system.

As a reference, and as you can see in the upper image, after each screen capture it will sound the sound of a camera and a pre-notification mode will appear. In any case, it is not worth remembering that we can also avoid or manage this notification from the Steam Deck itself.

Share your screens, but do not spoilers

Sometimes we take screenshots to preserve a moment. Others, to share that moment with the whole world. Steam Deck allows you both, even if you also manage the way you share it in the best way and with lots of options.

As we comment above, all the screenshots that we make will appear by default in the Multimedia section of Steam Deck . By default it will be only in the internal memory of the machine, although we can upload it to the Steam cloud. We have 18 GB, so there is a lot of margin.

In addition to this, and once our capture is uploaded to the Steam Cloud, new ways of sharing with the community are opened or with anyone we want.

  • On the one hand, we have the option of adjusting privacy, being able to be public, private or that you can only see our friends.
  • In addition, we can share them in our source of activity, through a QR code or send them directly to a friend.

  • In fact, we can even send our catches to Twitter, Reddit or pass a direct link in a very comfortable way.

  • And not only that, we can add comments, footnotes and even labels. A great detail.

However, it is possible that this discovery that we make is a greater surprise of the game, is related to a sensitive or standing content to an unwanted spur. In that aspect, it will be enough to add a special label and each one you can see the content of our image under your own responsibility.

about Steam Deck multifunction and forced closures

We have good and bad news. The good news is that Steam Deck is a multifunction system , which means that you can run several content without having to close them or perform activities in parallel. The bad: that the performance of the games that we run Steam Deck and their own drums will notice it drastically, with what really is not especially recommended.

In fact, there will be situations in which some content can be running background. In these aspects, the most comfortable is to perform a forced closure to close the program or game in question.

To perform a forced closure of an execution program, the process is to hold pressed for several seconds The Steam button (under the left trackpad) along with the B-button. However, it is nothing more than before making this emergency resource we keep our progress.

Bonus phase: Let’s talk from desk mode

Surely you will have noticed that we have not referred Steam Deck as a console, but as a console disguised PC. That is something that you notice when you use it, beyond the interface, but it is still more patent when you see your alternative way of use: Desktop mode.

The desk mode is, by saying it in some way, the Steam Deck without the disguise. So instead of seeing a laptop at the service of the Steam platform, its computer nature is manifested through an operating system STEAME 3.0 Based on Arch . With your own desk, your windows, your folders, your quick accesses and your taskbar.

How to access Steam Deck Desktop mode? That’s the simplest: from the options by pressing only once The Steam button is the possibility to start / turn off. In it we are given four possibilities, being change to desk we are looking for.

Through this desk mode, the infinite possibilities of Steam Deck are deployed for new game options, access to the web browser and additional functions that we want to install. On the other hand, it is the perfect justification to say that by the price of the machine we take our own PC.

However, they are adjustments and configurations in which we recommend entering with the console connected to a screen and, as is logical, being aware of those we are going to do, if we feel like doing them. All in all, through desk mode we will have full access to all our PC and cloud games, including those we do not have in Steam. Valve offers an open system and the door to enter other stores is very close.

on verification system, your filters and how to get out

The big problem of Steam Deck is your catalog of game. More specifically, Where to start addressing it : All your Steam library will be waiting for you and thanks to the guard in the cloud you will have all your progress and milestones where you left them. Now, not everything is equally enjoyed in Steam Deck.

Although the way in which the system is posed allows you to literally install any game you have, many of the game experiences can not be enjoyed in it. Among other reasons, for reasons of pure logic as virtual reality experiences. Others, on the other hand, are simply not enhanced in property in portable mode by various reasons. As for example, the newly released War: Warhammer III.

That does not mean that it is unplabable, but several adjustments or functions can not be played on property. In this aspect, Valve incentive developers to accommodate their games to Steam Deck, although from the player’s point of view more pragmatic: promotes from the start menu the optimized games and gives them preference in the store from the interface. Also, of course, to establish a series of filters.

It is likely that we have accumulated a huge game library in Steam, and Steam Deck makes it easy to find our next game through a filter system that not only takes into account how optimized they are for the machine, but other adjustments that specify a lot And well the kind of experience that we want to approach. A success very much to keep in mind.

How to use the Gyroscope in Steam Deck

While Steam Deck has many exclusive PC functionalities, also adds others that are not usually present in Steam games. One of the most interesting is the gyroscope.

The idea is to control games by moving the console, which is not applicable to any title but if it is interesting when driving in Project Cars 3 or aim with a little more accuracy in the shooters.

Using the gyroscope is optional, but also an alternative to keep in mind in what games. Therefore, we recommend you a lot that you pass through the Steam Deck Gyroscope settings and find an interesting configuration of getting out of your favorite games.

How to play unknown games in the best possible way

Not all Steam games are verified in Steam Deck or are compatible, but everything can be installed on the machine. Memory is limited, although expandable with a microSD card, which will touch be more or less selective. However, that a game is not verified does not imply that it is not playable.

Let’s say for example Street Fighter V: In theory, it is a game not that neither is it verified nor will you find it in a category of playable. However, we can guarantee you that it is possible to play perfectly with it and even cast online vices without being at a disadvantage.

The way in which Steam Deck addresses these games is through official provisions or created for the community. A set of predefined adjustments and that we can exchange. Throughout these days we have tried games like Crusader Kings III or Civilization VI and despite the fact that the experience is far behind its comprehensive reviews for consoles, at least when playing on laptop, you have to give you additional points to the possibility of power Alternate between provisions or adjust the keys to taste.

In fact, as you can see in the upper image, in civilization we can use the rear buttons of the handle to use them as shortcuts for frequent functions. Although we can also configure them to taste.

They will not make you stop missing the mouse if you have already become accustomed to using it, but they are a reasonable alternative when playing that last turn before leaving it that always asks the sid meier saga.

Usually verified games offer their own official provisions, as is the case of Death Stranding, although it is also possible to edit or alternate with others created by the community. A total success.

All in all, and being fair, many of the Verified Games and others who are still in the process of being verified offer their own options for button settings or control systems within the game itself. But, logically, unless the Verified Icon is seen before jumping to the Touch Adventure to review each game one by one to see if it is worth playing it in Steam Deck.

Remote game: a bright solution on PCs and Smart TV

Steam Deck is a system designed so you can enjoy your games wherever you want. Even, beyond Steam Deck. You can plug it into a screen and you will have a computer. And what is more interesting: you can play the games installed and running Steam Deck on other equipment without having to install them thanks to The Steam retransmission function, provided that these are compatible.

But there I do not finish the thing, since it can also be the opposite case: it is possible to play in streaming games that you have installed on your PC remotely on Stream Deck. By putting a simile, The Valve machine can also be used as the Wii U knob. The process? Basically, compare WiFi and account and have activated the Remote Play function from the settings.

But there is no chance: we have tested the Steam Link on a Samsung smart TV and is perfectly possible to take on the screen to a TV through the Steam Link App in three easy steps. Once Steam Link has been paired with our TV, we can decide if it connects automatically or decided as we are interested.

However, in this last case you have to have two nuances: The resolution on the screen will be the same as Steam Deck (1280 x 800 pixels) and regarding performance for resting games will not be a problem, but for more competitive experiences -As the fighting games- The delay time will inevitably end up focusing on much more fluid action on the machine’s screen.

Go through the Tools section!

A tab not so in sight but very interesting inside the Steam interface is tools . In it you can find those additional resources for your games you have in your library, including access to dedicated servers or the additional functions of STEAMWORKS SDKs.

And there I do not finish the thing: In our game tab, in addition to listing those we have in possession and catalog them as installed, optimized or by favorites, we will find an added option called outside Steam in which you can access to what we have installed in the desk mode that we detail above and is not part of Steam’s content. However, the latter is a temporary solution prior to a more efficient method in which they are already working in Valve.

Take all the game to the Steam community

Steam is not a store, but a video game platform in which you can buy, play and participate with the community. In this aspect, Steam Deck is also an extension of Steam . Something that supposes, on the other hand one of the greatest assets in front of Epic Game Store or Gog. And accessing these benefits is also one of the incentives of the Valve machine.

Each game chip gives access to the meeting point as well as discussions and each and every one of the characteristics of the platform. Something essential to know what we are buying or how to solve a stretch in which we have stuck. And, of course, there are also the criticisms of the community.

We can assess the criticisms of the users or just catch some popcorn and enjoy their occurrences. But also share our captures taken from Steam Deck with other players.

In addition, thanks to Steam pages, it contacts developers with the community in a kind of internal social network. Something that, look at how you look, all consoles have wanted to promote but none has done so well. And that gives Steam Deck an advantage.

What is the family loan?

It is not a novelty or a feature, although it does well keep in mind: Steam has a family loan system in which other accounts can enjoy our games as long as we are not playing. As is logical, the Valve system is accommodated to this idea.

Through the console settings there is a tab dedicated to family. From it we can authorize Steam Deck benefits or provides the advantages of family loan and also manage linked devices from there. In the end everything adds.

The importance of a good sound

Offering a good sound in the current games is no longer optional , and in Steam Deck they are fully aware. In addition to the option to connect the Valve machine to a remote device, including a Bluetooth audio device, Steam Deck offers four alternatives that are worth wearing. Especially if we have quality helmets:

  • Stereo sound is perfect to make use of traditional helmets or hearing aids.
  • The quadraphonic sound Take advantage of all the speakers of the machine. Although logically it’s time to weigh if we are interested.
  • SURROUND 5.1 is the best way to get a surround solid, although we will need helmets or a special team to get the whole game.

All the options are interesting regardless of the game, although it is worthwhile to always alternate to the one that best takes advantage of the experience we have between hands and the type of headphones that we have.

How to play in disconnected mode and what privacy settings there are

Notifications are very good, and that Steam Deck allows you to play with your PC friends lying from the sofa is even better, but sometimes the only thing one wants is to remove the stress based on axes in God of War and disconnect from the world. You can deactivate the WiFi from the console, of course, but in any case the best and most practical is to appear as off or the option of Do not disturb.

The process is very simple: Access your profile from the interface icon and just a little bit below your image The status options will appear (how you appear for other players, including your friends) and then a much more explicit adjustment of * Do not bother.*

On the other hand, if you do not want them to bother you, it is best to set up the notifications and, already post, give you a review from the options to the friends and chat tab , where you can set up all your social preferences with lots of parameters. Something that is not only very convenient, but also quite practical.

Extra Ball: All Steam Deck Steam Shortcuts and Settings

As you have seen, the shortcuts and the Steam button of Steam Deck are very versatile tools. Precisely because of it, we close our review by gathering t Odos the shortcuts and quick adjustments in the same site and adding some extra that suits you.




Steam + Truck to the right


Enter key (ENTER)

Steam + Truck to the left



Steam + crosshead down



Steam + Right Stick


Joystick mouse

Steam + R1.



Steam + X.


Show keyboard on screen

Steam + use of the right trackpad


as a mouse

Steam + L2 (soft pulsation)


Right click of the mouse

Steam + R2 (soft pulsation)


Left click of the mouse

Steam + Click on Right Trackpad


Left click of the mouse

Steam + B (Long pulsation)



Steam + L1.


Alternate magnifying glass

Steam + Left Stick Up


Increase screen brightness

Steam + left stick down


Increase screen brightness

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