Silent holiday on Good Friday: 700 films are not shown today

Silent holiday on Good Friday: 700 films are not shown today

Films that are not publicly shown in breastfeeding holidays such as Good Friday and thus to be shown primarily in the cinema, stand on a kind of “red list”. This includes “Heidi in the mountains”, a “dead pants” documentation, “Terminator”, “The Expendables” or “Ghostbusters”.

On the list landing films that have not received a holiday release from the “Voluntary Self-Control Film Management” (FSK) because they comply with blasphemy or immoral behavior. This concerns primarily works from the comedy, erotic, horror and action film area . Meanwhile it is about 700 pieces. But “Heidi in the mountains”?

The classic is on the list, because according to the “world” the filmmakers simply forgot to apply for the holiday release. This must be applied for separately for old-age release and has been forgotten more frequently in previous decades.

How the prohibition works exactly, we explain to you in the video:

Felt the consumers changes

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Compared to the 1950s, in which 60 percent of the films were classified as “not public holiday free”, it was only one percent between 2010 and 2015, which were prohibited. The FSC justifies this that value and standard performances changed over time .

“This facts is an expression of a change in social value and standard requirements regarding media consumption to the legally protected breastfeeding holidays.”

But the media consumption also influenced the decisions: “While in the 50s in addition to the cinema as a place of public demonstration only the public broadcasting films made accessible today, interested parties are a whole range of channels – from image carriers to private broadcasters and PAY -TV providers up to video-on-demand offers – available for movie consumption, “writes the FSK.

Decision not prepared forever in stone

Movies that have not received a holiday release may only be submitted upon release after ten years . That it could fold again in retrospect shows the example of the classic “Feuerzangbowle”.

The received no holiday release in 1952, because the “pleasure character” considers the Commission ‘The Ernst of Breastfeeding Holidays “. 26 years later, when the film was presented again for review, the FSK not only changed the age release of twelve to six years, but also granted the holiday release.

Stand 2022: All new holiday bans since 2016

The freely accessible list of FSK only goes up to and including 2015. In fact, there have been a few more holiday bans since then. These include so well-known titles such as “Atomic Blonde”, “Kingsman – The Golden Circle” or “Rambo: Last Blood”.

Here is the list of all cinema films that have been occupied with a holiday ban since 2016 :

Eva’s anger
The Belko Experiment
Atomic blonde
Kingsman – The Golden Circle
The Misandristinns
The taste of life
The Strangers: sacrifice
Race baby
Rambo: Last Blood

Between 2020 and 2021, however, there were no new ones , which should also be related to the corona crisis. Finally, many movies are simply (yet) did not appear.

Good Friday: Christians commemorating this breastfeeding holiday to the Crossdod Christi

At Good Friday commemoration Christians worldwide the suffering and die of Jesus Christ on the cross. The Good Friday is one of the most important holidays in the Christian faith. In Germany, the day is a public holiday and will also be “quiet”. In addition to dance and sporting events as well as certain films, often markets and entertainment events, such as musicals and theater or opera performances, are also prohibited. Also closed are gambling halls and car washes.

Surftipp: Some easter customs are known throughout the country. In some regions, special traditions are maintained.

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