PlayStation Plus subscribers threaten to end the subscription for free divisive games

PlayStation Plus subscribers threaten to end the subscription for free divisive games

PlayStation Plus subscribers in Reddit threaten to end their subscription by free PS Plus games April. For the month of April, PS plus subscribers in PS4 and PS5 will receive three games: MATA to the needle, Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrate and HOOD: legends and outlaws. Compared to the standards of the Subscription Service established only this year, this is a disappointing month. It is still light years of what Games with Gold offers Xbox Live Gold subscribers, but especially last month, many PS plus subscribers can not avoid feeling disappointed.

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On the REDDIT page of PS Plus, in a thread dedicated to criticism of the April offer, users expressed their discontent with the offer of the month, with hood: legends and outlaws get the maximum of Flack.

«Capucha is another dead multiplayer game and I am not interested in card games (MATA to the spirit e) but it can be great for some people, I can understand that. I do not like spongebob either, but for me it is the best among them, “reads one of the best answers. “But Sony should really stop giving dead multiplayer games. Every time they give a dead multiplayer game, I will swear more. They are even becoming free after they give it (ciudad elimination). “And I do not understand the people who say ‘are free games, you should not complain about’. I do not care if they are free or not. I have an expectation and disappointment is real all the time. If you do not expect anything, I’m happy for you ».

“Once the new PS Plus comes out, I will reconsider seriously if I must renew.” He reads another higher response. «The only online game that game is _liga de rockets and if the quality of the game of the essential level follows the path of Games With Gold, the only factor would be the accumulated games that I have in Plus».

“Why do I still pay for this service?” Asks another answer, with follow-up of others who ask the same question and confirm that they are preparing to get rid of their subscriptions, or at least that they are considering it.

Of course, all these negative comments are not indicative of PlayStation Plus subscribers as a whole; Good or bad, most subscribers do not comment on any given alignment. That said, at least on the PlayStation Plus Reddit page, this is easily the most unpleasant month so far this year.

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