Iron Source Publishing Solutions, 2 Billion Achieved in 2 Years

Iron Source Publishing Solutions, 2 Billion Achieved in 2 Years

The Iron Source said that the 8th, the Supersonic has been published by 50 species in two years, and it has been achieved 50 species of the game, and achieved a cumulative download.

How ironSource (IS) Operates In

More than 30 out of the game released in the North American Apple App Store chart within the top 10. In particular, the recently released hyper casual game ‘Color Match’ recorded the second largest download game in the world’s App Store in the first quarter of 2022, It has been selected as the most downloaded hyper casual game in the App Store.

Iron sources have achieved technology and transparency for Super Sonic success. By automating the publishing process and automating the solution, we explained that developers have provided technologies and knowledge to launch mobile games and to help them grow themselves.

In addition, Super Sonic is a professional team that consists of more than 100 people who have a rich experience in the game growth field, and it is a professional know-how to know how to play a game developer.

In addition, we provide a variety of training resources, such as monthly live streaming session events that tell developer destination mentoring, blog, hyper casual trend report, game idea inspiration, and how to use the platform as much as possible.

Garawell Games, who developed bridge lace and color match, was evaluated for Super Sonic’s “solutions automated, excellent accessibility, quickly, and transparent to developers.”

In particular, marketability test results that do not normally disclose developers are visible and transparent, and to help developers to help developers to provide the game, and maximize game potential Live Games solutions, publishing exhibitions explained that we have broadly supported marketing testing tools to identify market values and market values.

Iron Sauce Super Sonic or Dab Ashkenazy, SVP, “Super Sonic published 19 species in 19, 2021, 2021 games, and this year’s more game publishing is pre-planned. This plan is possible One of the big reasons is because it has recently launched a market-based test tool from the Iron Source because it is possible to focus on resources and energy in a game that is likely to grow and it will be a hit. “

Then, he said, “Super Sonic has been working hard in the meantime, and it is very proud of this big achievement in two years. In 2021, Bridge Lace has recorded the many downloads of the hyper casual games around the world, and many success stories are steadily There is not only this process to build a partnership with partners and partnerships. Exclusive skills and resources in Super Sonic, are focusing on developer partners to provide a variety of education, which are long-term success It is contributing to realizing the long-term vision of Super Sonic, which supports capacity to build capabilities. “

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