Finally no longer stop: New patch for Horizon Forbidden West brings practical feature

Finally no longer stop: New patch for Horizon Forbidden West brings practical feature

Anyone who played Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring at a little distance in a row, which are likely to have noticed some differences between the two Open World titles. Apart from fundamental things like story, combat system and characters, this also applies to the way the protagonists of the games collect objects .

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Because while you can collect an item in Elden Ring without interruption in passing or galopping, you have to stay in Horizon Forbidden West (Buy Now 72.15 €) for each machine part and any shrub of medicinal herbs and admire Aloy’s animation, How she bends and puts the object in her bag.

Items collecting in Horizon Forbidden West: Now without interruption

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.09 Adds Secret New Features & Changes! (Horizon Forbidden West 1.09)

While this may contribute to immersion, but in the amount of raw materials needed for healing drinks, arrows and other practical aids, can be quite exhausting. This seems to have thought of the responsible developer studio Guerilla Games – and brings with the new patch 1.10 and 1.11 a really practical option into the game.

Now you can set in the menu, whether you continue to enjoy Aloy’s immersive pick-up animation or rather collide without stopping rainwood and grave lenses. As a result, the running around through the prohibited west and the collecting valuable raw materials is now even more pleasant.

But the browsing of defeated rebels and machines has not changed: to free those of their prey, they still have to stop the triangle knob holding down and watching the available objects before you can add your inventory.

What is still in patch 1.10 and 1.11?

In addition to the immense advantageous change for resource collecting, the new patch now also donates a flood of subtitles to the title song “in the flood”. In addition, the Team of Guerrilla, as already with the past patch also, has solved some technical problems of Forbidden West.

So you have the mistakes in the two main quests “the broken sky” and “the wings of the ten”, another four side quests and five other tasks scattered. In addition, defeated human opponents should no longer freeze in their death pse after their death through the sting’s thrower.

In addition, the visibility in the underwater section of the reliktruins: island of the towers improved and added a further options that you can now hide Quest Marker. Who wants to know exactly: The full patch Notes can be found in the official subreddit of the Horizon games.

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