The very best of the-Sims

The very best of the-Sims

Every Sims fan knows the big milestones in the series, but an offshoot of the universe has never reached the great reputation that he actually deserves. Why it is the best part for me and it almost nobody knows, I explain to you now.

A comment by Nathan Navrotzki

The Sims were already cooler

It’s summer in 2006 – my 10-year-old I lies bored in bed and throws his Nintendo DS to try out a new game. “The URBZ: Sims in the City. is not a Sims 2, but sometimes look. “ It grumbles in itself before the intro starts to play. Welcomed by an intro music that sounds like a Billo version of the “GTA San Andreas” theme reinforces the skeptical impression on the one hand and, on the other hand, wakes up also curiosity: “That should be a Sims game – or not?”.

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This is the song of GTA San Andreas for small criminals:

Urbz acts as a spin-off rather like a parallel world to the rest of the row: instead of a beautiful house in the suburb, you move to the city, where you are put to you alone and somehow fauges – a bold trying of developers Try something new.

Everything should work a bit “cooler” to attract a younger audience. To pick up PlayStation players, even a game station for the PlayStation 2 was produced – this is a completely different game. The thousand times better game from both was originally developed for the Gameboy Advance and then got a port for the Nintendo DS in 2004.

What is so special about UrBZ?

Unlike the PC games, there are “the Urbz” with all the overall story in which it is nothing less than to save the city before capitalism – no joke, the story becomes partly pretty absurd. But in a good way! At the latest If you should heal a backswillion from his vampirism, you put it against the devil in a Fiedel-Match or brought a dinosaur and unicorns to life, ** will be aware of how wrapped this game really is.

Here is a short trailer for illustration:

To advance in the story, your quest must complete and familiarize yourself with the residents of the city. The latter requires a high level of attention. For you to know with the NPCs, you have to remember what you like to talk about in conversations. The small dialog boxes meanwhile betray you more about the characters that are partly really written . The characters feel more individual and tangible as a random sims of the main series, in which their hugs and compliments can spam without learning about them.

A short personality quiz arranges you at the character creation of your social clique: Are you a creative head, a nerd, a snob or just cool? Depending on the result, sometimes different side quests are available and you have some advantages and disadvantages in the game. **

However, the Need Mechanics of the Main Rule was maintained. You must always be careful well and be saturated enough, otherwise you can not pursue your other tasks. The admittedly often inhibits the play flow, but is not a leg break.

Broken down “The UrBZ: Sims in The City” as a Sims with Story call. Only here are smaller puzzles, mini-games, skill upgrades, real dialogues and more.

Everything a question of nostalgia?

That I have done this game for the first time, is already over ten years ago. The question arises: is the game really something or sitting the pink glasses just tight? There is a clear answer to this question: Yes. To both.

Every few years, I crude my dusty DS to save the big city of Miniopolis over the weekend again. And so far I have fun every time. The mentioned strengths of the game remain still after 16 years – So objectively I can estimate that.

Because so detached from all emotions I also try to evaluate the game, so of course I can not do myself completely from the nostalgia that I connect with the game. But that does not change the fact that “the URBZ: Sims in The City” makes a lot in some points right, ** What the main row should cut off a disc today.

Why are URBZ better than Sims?

Playing “The Sims” means for most complete freedom and, above all, to have control: you can build a luxurious house, found a family, doing your dream job and generally make it easy for the purpose. By all of them is “URBZ: Sims in The City” with its linear story as far away as EA from a fair pricing policy – at least I see it that way. However, despite the differences, a comparison of the games is worthwhile, because the Edgy-acting UrBZ had so much charm and special features that are missing nowadays.

For the SIMS 4 appears often gameplay packs, such as the “Star Wars” adventure “Journey to Batuu”. The show clearly that the developers continue to have the desire for Story-based game elements – the short trips to other worlds are only played through in a very short time and offer for just under 20 euros per DLC only little interesting innovations in the gameplay. Also, that there was something like dialogues and characters in the franchise at an earlier date, while looking at the current offer for a thread totmack: it would be possible so much more innovation.

Whether in the form of a DLC or a completely new title like the UrBZ, a little more courage in terms of innovations could be Guttun. Since “the Sims 4” DLCs, however, continue to sell well despite all the criticism, would be such Project for EA A leap into the cold water that would probably be risky financially.

After all, that spin-offs like “the Urbz” have not prevailed in the mainstream is that hardly anyone knows about the Urbz – and although it, for me at least, is the best sims game that so far gives. Even today, 16 years after release, I can only highly recommend all fans of the Sims who still have a DS with themselves.

  • The URBZ: Sims in The City you can view here for the Nintendo DS.

A mix of Sims game and adventure for the DS has been falling under the radar of the player’s radar for years, though it makes much right with interesting characters and a living world, what the Sims does not dare anymore.

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