What do the recent updates of Bioshock Infinite mean?
 All you need to know

What do the recent updates of Bioshock Infinite mean? All you need to know

Despite having released in 2013, Bioshock Infinite has returned to be news last week due to a series of mysterious updates of the PC version of the game. The third installation of the series changed the stage of the Underwater city from Rapture to the city in the sky of Columbia. Objective What do you really mean all these Updates of Bioshock Infinite? ? This is what we know so far.

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Everything you need to know about the recent updates of BIOSHOCK INFINITE

There have been 13 updates only in March 2022, but the series of Updates of Bioshock Infinite began in September last year, as Retegamer said. Initially, it started with about seven updates per month in 2021, before reaching 10 updates per month this year, before reaching your new 13 record this month.

With a quick look at the SteamDB Updates History page of Bioshock Infinite, it is not clear what these updates are changing. Upload the game after these updates, according to our own experience, has not changed anything in the game. Or at least, nothing immediately perceptible has changed.

So, what are all these updates doing?

Compatibility of the steam platform

One of the most popular theories at this time is that 2K Games is making Bioshock Infinite compatible with Steam Deck, the new Valve portable PC system.

Since the game was not officially compatible with the system at the time of launch, and as we know that Valve is pushing to add more and more titles to that growing list of compatibility, it seems a great possibility. Especially, given the significant increase in the amount of updates since Steam Deck was launched earlier this month.

Does Bioshock Infinite Remaster have?

Some players in Reddit believe that it could be an indication that Bioshock Infinite is about to get a remasterization, since we know that a new Bioshock is currently being developed in 2k Studio, Cloud Chamber.

The BioShock trilogy obtained a remastery of PS4 and Xbox One in 2016, increasing the resolution of 1080p games for Bioshock: The Collection. However, since we are now in the age 4K in the consoles, and with the next entry into the series (hopefully) in the near future, 2K Games may be able to mark the beginning of a new generation of fan of the series. Before its launch with the help of a remastered collection in 4K.

Unfortunately, this seems unlikely, given that both Bioshock and Bioshock 2 in Steam have not received the same amount of updates that infinite in recent months. There have been some, but all seem relatively minor.

Compatibility of the 2K pitcher

The most boring reason, and unfortunately the most likely of all these updates, is that 2K Games is preparing your title library to be compatible with the next 2K Launcher that is rumored.

Reddit fanatics rushed to point out in the past that Bioshock Infinite updates had something to do with the integration of the 2K Launcher in the game, so it is most likely that these more recent updates are only a continuation of that.

At the time of writing this article, 2K Games has not commented on updates, so, for now, the exact reason behind them is a mystery. We would cover our bets at 2K Launcher, although in secret we expect a new adequate version of all the trilogy.

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