Real Madrid: Carlo Ancelotti tested positively

Real Madrid: Carlo Ancelotti tested positively

Kunci Performa Terbaik Real Madrid Asuhan Ancelotti, Asisten Davide Ancelotti.
Trainer Carlo Ancelotti, who formerly trained the FC Bayern, has been positively tested for the coronavirus.
It announced his employer Real Madrid on Wednesday.
For the current state of health of the 62-year-old, the Spaniard did not give any information.
The success coach will be for the next commercial game of the Table Guide of the Primera Division on Saturday (18:30 / Dazn) at Celta Vigo.
For the time being, it remains questionable whether the Italian can look after his team in the quarter-final match of the Champions League on 6 April at FC Chelsea in London.

Is replaced Ancelotti, who should be vaccinated at least twice, until further notice from his son and co-trainer Davide Ancelotti.
The 32-year-old had been positively tested in December last year.

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