Fortnite: Find and drive Battle Bus

Fortnite: Find and drive Battle Bus

The Fortnite Community has decided: The Battle Bus can be found again in two places on the map and control yourself. You will learn in this guide:

  • Where you can find the armored batty bus
  • Why you should visit the Battle Bus

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Where can I find the Battle Bus?

Where to find The Battle Bus Location in Fortnite! (How to Get Battle Bus Vehicles Location)
On the Fortnite Map there are two spots , where you find the armored battleship: something south of the Sanctuary lettering in the East and in the south at the Synapse Station. The Battle Bus stands directly on the street – you only need to approach him, board and go.

What brings the armored battleship in Fortnite?

In contrast to the normal cars that you can control in Fortnite, in the Battle Bus, have a lot more player in the Battle Bus: Seven people can accommodate the battleship bus. In addition to the driver, two players can control the on-board guns (one MG, a cannon), four other teammates take place as a passenger and have the opportunity to fire with their weapons.

The Battle Bus is pretty sturdy, which is why you can do this pretty much everything that comes in front of the cow catchers – fences, signs, houses. But even with the guns, you causes a lot of damage. 40 damage depends on the MG per shot, no matter what you meet. The cannon makes 75 damage to players and even 300 vehicles!

Should your Battle Bus suffer too much due to other players, you can repair it again. For this you need the repair burner, a blue item , which you can find on everywhere on the map. If it puts in one of your weapons slots, goes to the batty bus and applies it. By the way: The repair burner also helps with damaged cars, tanks, boats and other companions.

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