GTA 6 insider fires theories around protagonists and setting

GTA 6 insider fires theories around protagonists and setting

Since the release of GTA 6 will still take place, fans are currently glad about every information snippet, which they can catch Rockstars action title. Currently, GTA 6-Informant MatheusBr9895_ reimburses the rumor kitchen again, because in the last hours he publish numerous information about the new GTA title.

protagonists in GTA 6 are used

On Twitter, the Leaker announced numerous new details about GTA 6, which meet with the previous rumors. So far known that GTA 6 might be a female protagonist for the first time, which, similar to GTA 5, has changed with another protagonist.

What do he know about the protagonists? According to MatheusBR9895_, the two protagonists should be related to each other. The duo is supposed to be a sibling couple separated after the death of their parents in 2003:

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Where should GTA 6 play? Rockstar should be the insider after a big fan of Brazil setting from Max Payne 3, which is why the prologue of the game should take place exactly there. Thus, the parents of the protagonists in Brazil have been murdered by rival cartels.

This information also covers with the previous rumors. Accordingly, GTA 6 turns back and forth in the course of its story between Vice City and South America, with Brazil bordering the location here.

What else we know about GTA 6, you will learn in our GTA overview:

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GTA 6-world should become dynamic

But that does not stop the information yet. The leader speaks that the game world will be destructible and changed in the course of the story. So he encourages another rumor after which it should give destructible skyscrapers within the game world.

According to the GTA 6 insider, it should take until 2024 until the marketing campaign of the game starts. This fact also coincides with the previous rumors, according to which GTA 6 should not appear before 2024.

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How trustworthy are the information? According to ComicBook, the leader in the past has both falsely and correctly, but especially in the past 12 months, he should have made a name for himself in the GTA community.

Please note that this is only rumors and translation errors can not be ruled out through the automatic translation. To ensure that the information is actually true events, we must wait for the official revelation of Rockstar. In addition, we ask at Rockstar.

What do you think of the revealed details? Are you looking forward to GTA 6?

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