Announced Nzxt H-and, a Laptop PC Steam Deck: Details and Trailer

Announced Nzxt H-and, a Laptop PC Steam Deck: Details and Trailer

The buyers of Steam Deck have begun to receive their units, although the launch of the new Valve device is being done in a staggered manner. Meanwhile, a device that follows a path similar to the machine of the creators of Half-Life: Alyx is just revealed. It is NZXT H-AND, which Deck in the cDecke of Deck, is a PC with a portable console shape . The particularity is that it hDeck a removable keyboard. “Can you handle it?” He says the slogan of him.

First confirmed features

The first details have come to light , Deck well Deck a first look in the form of a one-minute trailer, which shows the design in detail. At the moment, two important data are unknown: first, its price, one of the crucial points in this type of device; Second, the releDecke date. To open mouth, these are the first characteristics they have shared.

  • APU with 32 nuclei and 64 threads
  • 12 “screen with 800 dpi
  • Removable tenkey keyboard
  • A lot, a lot of RGB
  • And much more!

Unlike Steam Deck, which hDeck a 7-inch screen (such Deck Nintendo Switch OLED), the NZXT H-AND AND screen is considerably larger. It is about to see how those 12 inches will translate in terms of ergonomics, size and weight . After all, the goal is to be able to take the hardware anywhere. Will a backpack be necessary?

Introducing the NZXT H-AND

If you are one of those who have acquired a Steam Deck and you have not received it yet, you must know that the final shipments of the first wave will be done shortly. Then, Valve will begin to send the consoles to the clients that are planned to receive the device during the second quarter , with the same procedure. That is, a confirmation mail is received to formalize the purchDecke.

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