Introduction of Google In-app billing policy

[Ah! Introduction of Google In-app billing policy

For those who poured out the information in the IT world that changes differently differently, we have provided a customized IT news summary corner for readers. I have configured IT articles that are covered today at a glance. I look forward to being able to read lightly on my way home. [Editer]

◆ Info security industry, last year’s business was good

Domestic major information security companies have won the previous year. Digital conversion acceleration, non-inherent trend spread, and cyber threat surge factors are engaged with each other, and demand for security solutions is largely increased. This year, it is a plan to expand the abroad, such as attracting overseas markets and new businesses.

According to the Korea Disclosure System, the Anabol, According to the Korea Disclosure System, the Anabor has exceeded $ 2 trillion in sales for the first time last year. Last year, sales of connections increased by 16.3% from 27.3 billion won to 2020.

Operating profit increased by W22.9bn and net profit of W41.9bn, respectively, increased by 14.8% YoY, 126.6% YoY. On separate standards, sales of W199.4bn, operating profit of W23.4bn, and net profit of W41.4bn. Various businesses such as security software (SW), network security solutions, and information protection services are analyzed as a wide range of business grows.

The Anapa has been presented with the management strategy this year ▲ Cloud Native Security Products ‧ Expansion ▲ Operational Technology (OT) Security Market Investment ▲ Cloud, OT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Central Based Technology.

The number of security markets in the Domestic Network Security Market, has recorded sales of W125bn, operating profit of W125bn and operating profit last year. This is 16% and 59%, respectively, in 2020. This year, sales of W135bn and operating profit to achieve 13.5 billion won.

This year’s major business is ▲ Intrusion prevention system (IPS) new product launch ▲ Firewall global competitiveness ▲ Strengthening the global competitiveness ▲ Introducing Cloud Security Consulting ▲ Goa to overseas business. At the previously opened reporter’s conferencing, the Ginseng Civil Celebration will be ahead of security demand, such as expanding virtual firewalls and IPS businesses, “he said. Based on overseas business capabilities accumulated in Japan, I plan to expand. “

Wenes also renewed the maximum performance last year, due to the recipe of the telecommunications market and the cloud control service sales. Wenes increased by 2.7% and 12%, respectively, recorded by Winnes, W21.0bn, W21bn, and W2.1bn, respectively, and 12% YoY.

The solution division grows up to the entire earnings. 100G intrusion prevention system (IPS) sales provided on the carrier increased by 250%. Security service division sales increased by 15%. Cloud control sales increased by 40% YoY through collaboration with the first-in-house carrier in Korea.

This year, we have expanded the sales force on the general enterprise market, which was sluggish compared to public and telecommunications markets, and aims to advance into various countries other than Japan. We plan to release security platforms that utilize cloud-based products and AIs and Big Data.

Eagleokfuration recorded US $ 92 billion in connection standard sales, operating profit of W57bn. In 2020, sales increased by 12,6% and operating profit increased by 15.9%. AI Security Control and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR), etc., has tricted the entire growth.

It is a plan to plan to divide the business by changing the security and data this year, and diversifying the business in the core of the core of the core by changing the mission in 23 years. AI is a policy that expands AI security control and SOAR solutions, and focuses on providing a cloud-based integrated sheriff (SIEM) solution, and remote security control services.

East Soft, which puts East Security as a subsidiary, has also recorded the maximum earnings since all sales and operating profit have been made. Last year, the connection standard sales increased by 6.9% YoY to W89.4bn, and operating profit increased by 111% to W12.4bn. The net profit rose 41.3% to 10.1 billion won. This year, we aim at W100bn.

East Security will enter the development of security solutions to respond to the cloud market in earnest in the new representative system this year. The company has appointed a preliminary director of Jeongjeon Dil Dil Date through the members of the Board of Directors last month. With existing solutions, it plans to expand new businesses in metaverse and virtual asset security areas.

The frequency succeeded in turning on the surplus last year with the security solutions due to the spread of telecommuting. Last year, we recorded 4225 billion won and operating profit of W4.3bn. The same period sales increased by 16%, and operating profit and net profit (3.55 billion won) were also surplus. New solution sales including overseas sales and personal information calculation solutions were also analyzed as growth factors.

The Giiii also achieved the biggest performance last year. ‘Network access control (NAC)’ and ‘UE-based intelligent threats detection and response solution (EDR)’ business demand increased. Connected standard sales increased to W31.9bn and operating profit of W5.9bn and increased 19% and 127.9%, respectively, in 2020.

The Geniean is a plan to spur to secure additional growth engines this year. The NAC sector is specialized by 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), and EDR is a strategy to expand the “detection and response to the” detection and corresponding integrated security platform (XDR) ‘market corresponding to the IT overall threat such as networks and clouds.

** ◆ popularity

In order to strengthen domestic game industry protection and global competitiveness, the voice of Yoon Suk-yeol, which is launching my month, has been a voice that must play a role in resuming the Chinese guard.

The Korea Internet Company Association (Association Park Sung-ho, the following popularity) emphasized this through the Internet Industry Promotion Comprehension Plan, released on the 31st. In addition to the pancake, popularity has also urged game-related promotions, such as culture and abolition of metabus industry and abolition of the entire use of the game.

“The election,” said, “The election of the Korean game in the media, said that in the media interview, the service regulation in China, the Chinese game, said that it is noted that the service of the Chinese game, said, I needed a diplomatic approach to the government’s dominance to the resumption of issuance. “

In addition, popularity points out that the game industry also needs the metabus industry to foster the metabus industry. In the case of content in the metabus, it is unclear whether it is possible to dismiss any of the existing partition regulatory systems such as games, music, and video.

“It is necessary to establish a regulatory principle to suit each service characteristic, rather than applying a regulatory system in a direction to remove obstacles that can inhibit obstacles that can inhibit obstacles that can inhibit metabus ecosystem development.” Effectively, it is necessary to relieve excessive or duplicate regulation of existing laws such as telecommunication business law, information and communication law, and personal information protection law.

“Through the” Detergent Support for Metabus Enterprise, and Activation Policy, and the M & A Activation Policy, and the Competition to Compete with Global Big Tech, and reflect the environmental change to prevent the game regulation on the meta bus, I added immediate improvement of the statute, such as the game industry law, such as improving and allow P2E (PLAY to EARN) methods, “he said.

It has been pointed out that the entire use of the rating game should be excluded from the certification obligation only. The current game industry law requires that the user’s real name and age confirmation in addition to membership, in order to serve the online game, in order to serve online games. When you authenticate, you can use only limited means such as mobile phones, credit cards, such as credit cards, and youth without authentication means, you will not be able to sign up for membership and use of users.

◆ Metropolitan Business Advanced Metropolitan Business China also goes to ‘Global’

Chinese game people are turning eyes into a global market, not domestic. While the Chinese government enhances regulation, local companies are looking for a bowloo outside. It is also an analysis that cooperation with Chinese companies with common denominators, such as this, is also coming out.

Tencent launched a brand ‘Level Infinite’, which is responsible for global market game work last December, and the Tencent subsidiary Timesuwi Group established the Independent Game Studio in the US Seattle and Los Angeles in October and the North American market We are paying power.

Michah, which was held in the global market as a ‘source’, was the second in Japan, established the Korea branch and arranged the bridgehead of the overseas market. If you look at the proportion of sales, the share of the amount of sales, China is 37%, US 20%, USA, 19% in Japan.

Teenage game companies such as Netsizu and Cheap (37 Games), Release Games and Perfect World are also planning to take their eyes to overseas markets and quickly proceed with the establishment and localization of branches.

It is likely to expand global vans as a new business such as metabus. Net Iz is trying to combine the game and meta bus while investing in Beijing Start-up NeXT Generation, which produces virtual idols in October last October.

The Chinese game industry has been growing up, but the Chinese authorities are adhered to the closed attitude toward the game industry. In particular, due to the issuance limit of the issuance of the festive game, its own game is experiencing difficulty in distribution of new game games.

In the Report, the Hancon Book Guards Center said in the report, “In the end, China’s major game users will actively expand the meta bus related to metabuses at home and abroad. did.

In order to enlarge business activation and interchange, “Korea 3N (Nexon, NCsoft, Netmarble), including KACA, Kakao Games, Purt, Vis, and China, I need to encourage active business cooperation between major major game companies such as Miho, such as Miho. “

◆ Cream vs Union, destruction results… “The manufacturer confirms the goods”

The result of the destruction of cream and unrecognized platforms. The 1st Cream has concluded that the 3D Silicon Applique Park Si-shirt of the ‘Peer of Fresh Essential’ brand was fed through the announcement.

“To minimize user confusion, the brand manufacturer of the goods on February 25, the Brand Manufacturer of the goods,” said the “Peer of Gint” headquarters, “said the Brand,” said Brand Headquarter In response to the recovery request of cream, we concluded that the subjects that were determined by the prescription of the prescription are concluded that the objects were assigned to the apparent goods. “

Jeff Lazaro Pier Orbal Brand Headquarters Production Vice President said that the vice president of cream commissioned the label and lip of the entity, the plush of the brand, the logo (applique), and branding.

Cream, “This is the same as the inspection standard that Cream was released in February.” Cream was announced that Cream is a number of ‘Peer of Fresh Essential’ brand 3D Silicon Applique Park City T-shirts ‘brands’ fake fake.

At that time, the Majestic Brand Seal was exposed to the photos attached to the announcements, and he could only plan the misunderstanding that the unidentified sales product could be fed. We have submitted content to the cream, demanding the right to eliminate the rights of the rights to the Sales and Honorability. The Fair Trade Commissioner and all possible legal measures were also predicted.

In the meantime, Judong claimed that Naver Cream did not have a juggling power that could judge genuine and fake. Judging genuine and fake is a unique authority of the brand, which is a description of the official activation stage of the brand, which is not the official activation phase of the brand, and the official activation stage of the brand is not unparalleled.

Cream is confirmed that it is a fake to the ‘Peer of God’, which is a direct brand manufacturer directly against this claim such as the same claim. Cream side is “a thorough inspection for all products so that users can deal without concerns about fake”, “I will do our best to meet the trust of users in the future and to prevent the use of users due to trademark violations. “I said. On the other hand, the unmodified side “I will confirm” first answered.

** ◆ Google In-app billing policy starts… I am notified of the Groom

The Broadcasting Communications Commission has decided to proceed with the announcement of the voting interpretation of Google’s act of Google to prevent payment through external links (outlinks) of app developers.

Selling In-App Products on Android: Implementing Google Play Billing V4 #GooglePlay

According to the Mode of Commerce, the Combat will arrange the next week. The original announcement was about 31 days or the announcement of this day, but it decided to slow down the point internally.

The official official said, “We are looking for a little longer to prepare for information on how to respond to the conduct of global app market makers in the future.”

The Combination is known to announce the contents of the external link prohibition of Google’s app developers. If it is judged that there is a good scope, it will be expected to investigate the facts of Google.

Previously, Google, last month, on the 17th of the last month, the Google Play Console ‘to the App Developers will be reorganized to reorganize the Payment method to use only third points in the In-app billing or in-app billing system until April 1, If you go to this, you will not be updated on Google Play from April 1, and from June 1 to the app market.

If you utilize Google’s billing system, you will have a payment fee that was not conventional. Even if the fee will reach up to 30% when the app settlement, the fee will reach up to 26% even if it is a third point of self-containment. If you allow external links to make a payment on the web, there is a way to do this fee, but Google has made it controversial while Google will actually stop this.

Google’s new settlement policy, which is the same controversy, has begun this day. Domestic online video services (OTT) companies, such as Teabing and Wave, are known to be raised from the same day due to the reflection of Google’s in-app billing fees.

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