[Reviews] West West West

[Reviews] West West West

Large-scale MBTI testing that influences the future of strange western

A new work of western wolves, worship, magic, and guns and gunpowder, which have been cursed by the cursed pigs who are cursed by the person who have been eating together. This work is a unique game that is a unique game to the fantasy element, which is simply a keyword that reminds me of the keywords, and this work is a unique game that is a unique game to the fantasy element.

Wear West was first released in 2021. As a game of the Western Pioneering era, the Dark Fantasy Concept is a game that appears in the story, a total of five heroes that appear in the story, and a game to enjoy all the unique stories they have. Here, the player has received attention early in that every decision that allows all decisions to be chosen in the game affects the entire story, “RPG of high degrees of freedom to create their own legends.

Thanks to fresh concepts and backgrounds, expectations for the game have been higher, but they could not erase concerns at the same time. This is because the process of release is not in the process, such as posting the date of postponement date that I originally reported. Developer Wolf Ai Studio continued to smoke for the reason for the “for a higher perp)”, the more the concern that the rid of the concern that the long wait should be a long wait, the fear of the concern that it should be a long wait.

Finally, I played about 20 hours to see the one-time ending of the Wear West West West, when I played about 20 hours and turned out, and the joyful moment and sorry moment I felt at the time of the game was coming at the same time. Depending on where the factors that you are important is important, Wear West can be the ‘Dark Fantasy Gadgem, which pionees the West’s wasteland’s wasteland, and it could be a’ just strange western ‘.

Classmate : Action RPG, Simulation
Release date : 2022.04.01.


Developer : Wolf Ai Studio
Services : Di Bolber Digital
Platform : PS, XBOX, PC

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“It’s really such a thing?” Free Western Charm Like Pioneered Land

The graphic of ‘Wear West’ is a difficult level to say that it is perfectly good. If you are thinking of visuals as important when you choose a game, we recommend that you look for a play video of the actual game first. This game is a masterpiece RPG Series, Paul Out or Way Strand, which is an atmosphere that makes it a strong enough visuals. When you see a character model that is not matched with a styled character illustration, you think it is somewhat sorry, but thanks to this simplified visuals, the interactions that you can actually meet in the game are unlikely to be remarkable.

In Wear West, in the process of obtaining a clue to achieve story or quests, the players think that most of the players will work smoothly. Instead of bringing the key to all the immersions of the pensive abandoned waste, it is broken, to break the window instead of wandering, or took a step with an abandoned wooden or box, and took a step to the mansion surrounded by a high wall, and when it is annoying, All may be destroyed.

‘Do not you think this is this?’ The moment you think what happened in the part of the part is actually working, the smoothness of this moment is a special level. You can try one or more different ways when solving puzzles that appear in the game, and thanks to this fun, the Wear West is simply a game that you want to look around several places than just followed by quests, and to interact. Basically, it is a story-centered RPG, but it is a greatest way to look at the story more than the story, the more we look at each of the objects placed in all over the game.

Just as emphasized, ‘Wear West’ game play is a really diverse, free and others, and users who do not have a proportion to play style of this free way. The word that plays freely is that at the same time, “I can clear the game in one way,” says.

If you only play a game with only the story progress, if you play a game, it is likely that you have a 20-hour play experience for one time play. After moving mechanically to a place instructed by the quest, it is a way to treat the hostile presence in the map as “stunning” and moving to the next story.

Since the Wear West is the equipment that is wearing without level concept, the character’s damage and defense are determined to determine the defense of the character, so the battle is all consumed, and the faster is proceeded to the faster. The most effective way to reduce the waste of consumables and to solve combat easily and quickly, does not take a long time until realizing that it is “stunning”, but the “assassin” style play Repeat it. Since the western pioneering age without CCTV is the background, there is no better way to deal with the enemy of the person’s form.

Although developers have provided multiple styles of weapons, items, and a variety of possibilities to enable developers to play free gameplay, but if users who play games are not effectively utilizing this, they are not likely to use them. The first point in dividing the impression of the game is that the freedom of unfolding the western part of the Western and the ‘Daemakgagem’ and the “monsters to become a strange edge” are here.

Five main characters, five different stories

※ There is a description that can be a serious spoiler of the game story.

Bounty hunter, pig human, indigenous, werewolf, and witch. Five main characters and each episode that players can manipulate each episode is one of the important features that can never be missed when talking about ‘Weave West’. In fact, the five stories of the Wear West are exposed to the presence of one by 1. Five heroes are only an extremely ordinary humans living in the western part, but they will be able to convince everyone who can convince everyone, and the purpose of the western part.

Here, the notable point is that both the selection and behavior of the player will have a certain partial impact on the entire story. It is not only a well-written story created by the developer, but also the story that the player completes the story together. Even if you kill a particular NPC, or if you do not have a hidden secrets, the story will continue, and you have to start the game again, even if you choose to feel somewhat negative, and you have to restart the game. The responsibility of all actions is on the player, and all the choices only appear as a result of them.

The way to deliver the story is colorful. In most cases, through the conversation of the person and the figures, they get a clue to the next journey, but there is a completely new direction through documents, books, and abandoned objects on the floor. As such, it is easy to overcake, because the hidden elements are placed in all over the map, simply on the interactive dialogue, and it is not an exaggeration that it is nothing to enjoy half of the entire story.

The most memorable change was the presence of underground shelter that appeared in werewolves. Just if you just followed the story, the lever is hidden by the shelter in the location that you can not find, and if you pull it, you will be newly opposite to the existing goal and the completely opposed stories. As such, the Wear West has furthered that achieved a variety of methods in the process of heading to a goal, and achieves the goals in various directions at the same time to make a number of cases of various cases.

Thanks to the deployment of the story that is next to my taste, the whole configuration continues without a boring bird, but of course there is also a part. The most representative is the configuration of ‘ending’ that becomes the end of all stories. The ending of the Wear West is finished in the form of a person who can greatly hopefully with the Holly. Whether the player has been traveling in a way, the final ending varies depending on the option given in the last chapter. At this time, the answer is that the MBTI test is reminded. Looking back on all the actions that the player took again, ‘Why did you choose such a choice?’ It is a way to derive the final results based on the player’s answer.

The story of the five hero is affecting the image that appears in the ending image, so it is not even strange even if the adventure that has been close to ’20 hours’ is not likely. The ending is to watch the ending, and the five heroes that the player has been manipulated, and the number of the “Avengers Assembly” was also able to relax with a large evil, and the so-called “Avengers Assembly” was also able to relax.

Of course, it is difficult to see that all stories so far have not meant enough to be faded into one ending. The Wear West is a narrative in five characters, and I can see that it contains a total of six stories to the last episode that collects them in a big story. Each story has a solid narrative structure with itself, so it is possible to enjoy the entire stery of Weaest West without feeling that the omni bus expression was admired. In the end, the evaluation of the story can be greatly reassigned to the story, depending on where the player himself thinks is important, and this also becomes a major measure that the Weave West will be divided into “Gadagem” and ‘Mango’.

Weird West Review

In addition to the ending that Huhu Ho can have, there are several more parts of the story in the story deployment. Mostly are the part related to localization. Even if you feel awkward, you feel like a simple translator, even if you play an awkward metabolism, you will see the game in the NPC’s ambassador, and the error in the NPC is quite frequent.

Most of the Story of Wear West is going through the ambassador of characters and characters, and if you miss a few important metabolism because of the error phrase is mixed, there is no further impossibility to fall. Since the proportion of the story is absolutely small in the structural entire game play, it seems that the update should be applied to the day of the day.

Wear West is a game that felt plenty of developer’s affection in all over the game. Like ‘Red Dead Lemund 2’, it is not a visual close to the actual, but it is most of the factors that are expected to be executed in the game in the background of the western background. I have a card game in the village’s salon, get bay information in the sheriff’s office, and took the bay information in the Sheriff Office, or strike the leather by hunting the animal, and picked it, and make a crowded with a pickax. Without it.

However, the player seems to have failed to motivate these activities to create all of these activities. It is hard to stretch the animal leather, enhance the minerals, strengthen the catering equipment, and shake the stunned enemy’s pockets, so this is because this is because this is not showing a separate influence in subsequent journeys. The long length is a combined structure, and the ending that makes the player in a combination of the briefly divided stories, and the ending that falls into the natural retention of the natural retention.

‘Wear West’ simply follows the story and see the ending

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