LOL: Riot confirms that Olaf and Taliyah will have mini

LOL: Riot confirms that Olaf and Taliyah will have mini

League of Legends has more than 150 champions. This is a blessing for those who want a lot of content in videogames, as well as different ways of playing, but reality is that this implies a lot of maintenance work to keep them every day. Sometimes it is necessary to redo them completely, both visually, and playfully… but sometimes you just have to change a couple of skills.

This last fact is what Riot Games has begun to do with greater assiduity, since the work of these last years in the complete _reworks has modernized the staff, as well as these matters require more time to develop than before. We have several recent examples such as Ahri or Janna. They are not spectacular changes, but itself modernizations of certain mechanics so that the character has the power where the game philosophy of him appreciates it.

Important settings for two champions that need them

_ “We are starting to accelerate the work in our mini-reworks. These great sets of changes for champions can take us some months to complete. The recent adjustments to Ahri and Janna are examples of this type of jobs. The mini-reworks of Taliyah and OLAF is being developed at this time. “_, Comment Riot August at the Superior Tit.

Therefore, they will be the Rock Maga and the Viking who receive adjustments of this type. We can expect something like new passive or the change of a pair of skills. Taliyah is a champion that only returns to the metajame when he can clean the jungle quickly, while OLAF appears every time, but only by the immunity of the mass control and its ball effect of snow.

Olaf Rework 2022 CONFIRMED - League of Legends

We do not have yet date for these adjustments, but it is expected that a couple of more versions will be delayed. We will have to give Riot Games at least a month , so that the adjustments also reach half the competitive season and before the summer splits at the professional league of legends.

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