Bioshock Infinite: Numerous PC

Bioshock Infinite: Numerous PC

PC - BioShock Infinite - LongPlay [4K:60FPS]????
The PC version of the meanwhile nine-year-old Shooters Bioshock Infinite has been updated by only 13 times by 2K Games alone in March. Previously, there were seven updates throughout 2021. The fact that 2K games has repeatedly and published updates and has not released without notice and this additionally changed the game in any way caused wild speculations under Bioshock fans. In addition to a possible remaster of the popular shooter, a polished NEXT gene version has been put into the room with impact on the PC version and adjustments for planned steam deck compatibility. More likely, however, adjustments for integration appear in the 2K launcher. Thus Reddit users Zorklis also reports a “2K Launcher Development Branch” as feature of one of the updates. 2K Games has yet officially expressed the updates nor to his plans for Bioshock Infinites.

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