Heavy injury overshadows Remis in Gütersloh

Heavy injury overshadows Remis in Gütersloh

The last matchday is history, but still not all decisions have fallen. This is true in the still outstanding games in the coming week.

At the weekend anyway, no team was able to earn a decisive advantage, whereby the TuS Erndtebrück can quite refer to the winner of the 21st matchday. Because the TUS sat down at home at home with 1: 0 against the direct competitor, the TSG Sprockhövel, thereby causing a tremendous step gene rise. Man of the day was with his winning goal from the 51th Minute Tim Schrage. Erndtebrück is with a leg in the rise round with now 31 points. Theoretically, Sprockhövel (26 points) and the sports lovers could victory (28 points). But several factors would have to come together. On the one hand, ENDNTEBRÜCK would lose the equivalent FC Eintracht Rheine, who lose his match ball on Sunday at the 1: 3 bankruptcy at Prussia Münster II. On the other hand, a draw is sufficient to reach the rise round. And on the other hand, Sprockhövel (Wednesdays at home against Vreden and Saturdays in Gütersloh) and the sports lovers would have to win all their catch-up games (on Wednesdays at home against Vreden).

Chudinov leaves the game with lower-body injury

The sports fans missed a better starting position in Gütersloh on Sunday and have no longer in their own hands, if Sprockhövel wins the two already mentioned catching portions. The FCG dominated the Muerke game at the beginning and had actually had to lead in the lead, but failed several times the well-established Thies in the Siegener Tor. His biggest act was a held penalty of Bannik, which was anything but badly placed. After this scene, the guests came better into the game, and on the other side, FCG-Keeper Peters was now allowed to distinguish. Until the break, no team was able to earn an advantage. That changed in the second round, when Harrer said with his precise shot of Peters on the wrong foot (58.). The 0: 1 was at the same time the first goal, which the hosts had to swallow 2022. But the joy of a winning side stopped only five minutes, because gap answered immediately after a corner by head. Then both teams still had their options, but the score stopped at 1: 1. The maternity was overshadowed by a serious injury of sportfreunde actor Arda Nebi, who landed unhappy after an air on the left arm. Referee Philippe Nadja then interrupted the game until Nebi was supplied and transported with the ambulance to the hospital.

Minimal opportunities on the rise round have also recorded Prussia Münster II and the SPVGG Vreden (free weekend). With 22 points each and the much worse goal difference, however, had to happen much that one of the two teams creates the leap into the upper half.

What else did?

The SV Schermbeck celebrated a lucky 1: 0 success in the table top last Meinerzhagen. Özdemir made victory perfectly with his goal, which fell more or less out of that, the victory (75.). Previously, the RSV Meinzhagen had a good chance of making the lead, mostly Svs-Goalbart Geraedt’s a goal but in the way. Except for the leadership, Schermbeck was offensive to offer little. The first goal shot fell until after the break, indicative of the game of the guests. Nonetheless, the SV Schermbeck finally tied by the win the rise round.

At the top of the table there was a change. The encounter of the 1st FC Kan-Marienborn at the Holzwicker SC fell out because of a Corona outbreak among the hosts. As a result, the U 21 of the SC Paderborn could sit to the top, which in the top match the SG Wattenscheid over 90 minutes could not come to the train and thanks to threesome goals in the second round of El-Faouzi (58., 83.) and Wagner earned in The barriers pointed. Due to the bankruptcy of SGW 09, the SV Westfalia Rhyners climbs a place up to three in the table. Rhyners, for which the first part of the season is completed, completed at home against Victoria Clarholz his homework through goal by Sezer (20th) and Probst (90th) with 2: 0. Also for the ASC Dortmund the “preliminary round” is done, at the end there was an unnecessary 2: 2-draw against the SG Finnentrop-Bamenohl. The Dortmund lays according to a Podel-Doppelpack (36th, 55th) against the relegation round subscriber namely already 2: 0 in the lead, but cashed in the last ten minutes but by entrance (80th) and Kümhof (87th) still the compensation.

In the lower half of the table, the Hammer SPVG (3: 0 in holders on the lake) and the TuS Ennepetal (5: 1 in Herne) were also offered three points for the upcoming second part of the season on the account for the relegation round.

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