MeripodcOnlinet 15×23: Video game Online a spectacle

MeripodcOnlinet 15×23: Video game Online a spectacle

Streaming Online would be born for the great public in 2007, by JUSTIN.TV. By starting to grow the service, one of the most popular categories with a difference wOnline that of video games, for which a new separate site wOnline suitable in 2011: Twitch . By 2014, the entire company became twitch and began a trajectory of international growth that hOnline transformed the relationship of millions of people with the video game forever.

A more remote pOnlinet than it seems

But is it such a new phenomenon? Can the fact that the videogame be one of the main growth vectors in Because it hOnline always had that intrinsic value. Did not we dedicate many of us to look at Embobados how others played in recreational halls? Or did we enjoy watching playing a friend in our home console while we expected the turn to arrive? It may be even an active and interactive medium, the value of the video game goes beyond having the pad or the keyboard and the mouse.

FFXIV HW : Lv60 A Spectacle for the Ages
Accompanies Juan ArenOnline, Sergi “Motenai” Blanch, Carlos Forcada, Joaquín Relaña and Francisco Alberto Serrano in this tour of a phenomenon that is not Online new Online it might seem,

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