Forspoken: all detailed video game technologies for the GDC 2022

While the Game Developers Conference 2022 continues on the side of San Francisco, the Luminous Productions teams have published a video around their Forspoken game to demonstrate all the tools and technologies that have been necessary to set it up. What is put forward from the entry of play is this partnership with AMD and the care of the FidelityFX Super Resolution used both on PC and PS5. This is the version 2.0 that will be supported by the game, and will offer impressive visual rendering, without the need to go rogner on performance. The video allows us to see some interesting parameters, such as the ambient occlusion, the Screen Space reflections or even to deny it. Tests were also made on load times, especially between hard drives used on the new Xbox and PS5. There is also a meger advantage for Microsoft’s direct_torage technology. We are on simple to double for Forspoken that puts 1.7 seconds to start on Xbox, while it takes 3.2 seconds on PS5. On a disk on classic, it is necessary almost 20 seconds to make the adventure leave. In short, a video that demonstrates the benefits of new Next Gen technologies.

The exit of Forspoken is expected for October 11 on PC and PS5.

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