10 Tips for beginners to survive the Bioshock Collection

10 Tips for beginners to survive the Bioshock Collection


It is difficult to believe that the original Bioshock game 13 years ago, and yet it remains not only one of the most famous games for its gender narration, but it has managed to survive to the consoles of Current generation without missing a beat. For some of you, picking up the Bioshock Collection on Switch will be your first incursion into Rapture and all I can say is: Get ready for hell. Of course, we could not just let our readers blindly wander in the lovecrafts depths that Bioshock, no no. What we have here is some vital tips for those who have not yet discovered what it means to face face to face with a big daddy, and we are even so nice to include advice for each game in the trilogy. So, without further ado, would you like to sit down, relax and enjoy our Beginners Tips list to survive the Bioshock Collection.

By entering for the first time in the city of Rapture, you will undoubtedly notice a large number of objects to recover scattered in the rooms. This will include health packages, food, EVE injections and ammunition to name a few. If there is only one aspect of the game that the date is the lack of an automatic regeneration health system to which we are used to. Without a doubt, you think that as soon as a single ball is spent, it’s time to recharge, but if I told you it’s more than sure to do the same with your health and EVE meters? You can store a number of items to fill these bars, but you will meet them so often that there are really no reason not to “charge” as often as you could do it with your faithful machine gun. I know the temptation of the Horde until they are desperately necessary, but I have never really felt that I was in insufficient number.

Yes, Rapture is a city with many shiny objects to pick up, and as previously indicated, you will never have a shortage of healing items, but I also exclude this list cigarettes and alcohol that you can find in abundance throughout the underwater city. The vices can restore a bar but they move from another. There are tonics to stop this effect, but why waste a slit to equip this tonic when you can just be a good little boy and avoid drinking and smoking? Of course, it can be cool, but it’s your virtual well-being! Stand with medical kits approved by the doctor and random fruit, you will thank me later.

In what does not seem to be a flat time, you will find yourself a search camera. Any enemy you are taking a picture will analyze the target and give you a precious Intel. Unlike the current concept of photo modes, the completion of the research on an enemy will not only provide information on how to easily defeat, but will give you additional damage to this type of enemy. You will get a lot less points to take a firing of a dead enemy or the same again and again, so if you can not find the walls of railing a little too frightening to walk without a rifle by hand, it could be to your Benefit of keeping the camera at hand because the inhabitants under deep sprint at full speed with you with a handgun or pair of scissors.

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