Nintendo Switch: The best bargains in the eShop Sale in KW11

Nintendo Switch: The best bargains in the eShop Sale in KW11

Also in the 11th calendar week of the year 2022 worth a visit of the eShop . There are these days namely numerous deals and bargains , you can therefore cover them for little money with replenishment for your Nintendo Switch. The selection ranges from large AAA productions, through smaller indie titles to extensions and ports.

A variety of bargains for the Nintendo Switch

You can download the respective games directly from the eShop on the Nintendo Switch and get started immediately. It is exclusively for offers for Di E download versions the individual title. On a classic Cartridge, only very few days land today.

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The current deals for the Nintendo Switch

As usual, we present you an overview with the current offerings from the Nintendo eShop. However, you should rather not leave too much time with the purchase. The current prices can change again during the next few days. So beat immediately immediately! Here is a small selection of the huge offer.

  • 1 anagrams (1.99 instead of 3.99 euros)

  • 1 Crosswords (1,99 instead of 3.99 euros)

  • 1 Crosswords bundle (2.99 instead of 5.99 euros)

  • 1 Pastime bundle (5.99 instead of 7.99 euros)

  • 1 sudokus (1,99 instead of 3.99 euros)

  • Funtime (5.99 instead of 14,, 99 euros)

  • Nolimitfantasy, super puzzles dream (1.23 instead of 6.19 euros)

  • Wish Travel, Super Puzzles Dream (1.49 instead of 5.99 euros)

  • Pinnochio, Super Puzzles Dream (1,19 instead of 5.99 euros)

  • WomenUp, super puzzles dream (1.54 instead of 6.19 euros)

  • .cat (0.99 instead of 7.99 euros)
  • 112 Operator (1,19 instead of 19.99 euros)
  • 112th Seed (0,, 99 instead of 4.99 euros)
  • 16-bit soccer (0.99 instead of 3.99 euros)
  • 1912 Titanic Mystery (0.99 instead of 9.99 euros)
  • 1979 Revolution: Black Friday (2.99 instead of 11.99 euros)
  • 2048 Battles (0.99 instead of 3.99 euros)
  • 3000th duel (4.99 instead of 12.49 euros)
  • 3D Air Hockey (2.49 instead of 4.99 euros)
  • 4×4 Dirt Track (5.99 instead of 11.99 euros)
  • 60 parsecs! (4.99 instead of 9.99 euros)
  • A has in time (13.99 instead of 27.99 euros)
  • A Knight’s Quest (4.99 instead of 24.99 euros)
  • Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection (39.99 instead of 49.99 euros)

Nintendo replenishment desired?

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