G-complement S and residence

G-complement S and residence

Omikuji are fates written in shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan on paper stripes, and in Ghostwire Tokyo they do something similar. They give you temporary bonuses that can do anything to make them invulnerable and increase the amount of Meika you can get. But how can you draw a Daikyo Omikuji in Ghostwire Tokyo, which is one of the rarer bonuses?

The Daikyo Omikuji is actually a debuff and no buff, as it damages you if you pull it out of an Omikuji.

The answer to how you get one is much easier than you probably hope if you have reached the point where you look up how you can get it online. But continue reading to find out How to get a Daikyo Omikuji in Ghostwire Tokyo and a nice trick you can use to make sure you do not waste your Meika.

Ghostwire Tokyo, how to draw a Daikyo Omikuji

To draw a Daikyo Omikuji in Ghostwire Tokyo, you just have to put in your Meika until you get it. There is no trick.

The Daikyo Omikuji is an exceptionally rare omikuji. However, you can simplify the process by saving you before using an Omikuji, and save the store just reload each time until you pull it. This will ensure that you do not lose my Meika. Apart from the fact that they have made the trophy “do not worry”, there is not much reason to take care of the daikyo debuff.

This treats how to draw a Daikyo Omikuji in Ghostwire Tokyo. Further tips on how to increase your performance, you will find in some of the best skills in Ghostwire Tokyo and more in our exemplary approach to Ghostwire Tokyo.

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