Goku demonstrated his skill with teleportation

Goku demonstrated his skill with teleportation

The most recent chapter of _ Dragon Ball Super _ has shown us that Goku is a master of teleportation technique. While the battle against gas has turned out to be quite complicated, This type of confrontations has shown that victory is closer and closer.

DBZ-Goku Demonstrating Instant Transmission (2K HD)
For Granolah to have enough time to rest, Kakaroto faced gas, but not in a traditional fight. By using your teleportation technique, These fighters traveled from planet planet, resulting in some comic scenes . However, it was Goku who demonstrated the true domain of him at the end of the day.

In the past we have only seen this technique as a transportation formation. However, Toyotaro has made it clear that this power has several uses . Along with this, we could see a little more of the ingenuity that Goku shows when he is in situations of life or death.

While Chapter 82 of Dragon Ball Super did not end with the victory of one of these fighters, If you are standing at a series of events that will show us how our heroes can defeat Gas , who, despite facing To formidable warriors, still has the advantage in this conflict.

On related topics, this was how Bardock beat gas at the time. Similarly, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is delayed.

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