Xbox Game Pass on the Steam Deck? Microsoft explains how that works!

Xbox Game Pass on the Steam Deck? Microsoft explains how that works!

The Steam Deck of Valve has been on the market for a month on the market and the colleagues of PC Games and PC Games Hardware have already spread extensively with the “handheld PC”:

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Game Pass On Steam Deck Is INEVITABLE

Open system with many possibilities

Although the Steam Deck sets to Steamos as operating system, it is – as with normal PCs, too, it is quite possible to install alternative operating systems and with these systems compatible software. For example, it would be cool to have the Steam Deck not only access to your own Steam library, but also to the games of the popular Xbox Game Pass. And in fact Microsoft already offers a support article , which explains how her Xbox Cloud Gaming Plus Microsoft Edge installs and sets up on your new handheld to get access to the Game Pass.

Attention: For installation, your mouse and keyboard should have connected to your Steam deck. Alternatively, you can use Steam + X to show the on-screen keyboard along with the touch display or trackpads. Also note that not all matches available on the market are compatible with the steam deck. More in the section “Verified for the Steam Deck” The official website of the handheld.

When playing on specific anti-cheat systems, such as a Sea of ​​Thieves, Forza Horizon 4 and 5, the Halo Master Chief Collection, Halo Infinite, or Fallout 4, it is sufficient according to Valve only for the classification “playable”. Other titles like a Tunic, Psychonauts 2 or Light Blade: Senua’s Sacrifice were verified for the Steam Deck.

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