Hertha BSC: Lifting in front of fixed change to FC Augsburg

Hertha BSC: Lifting in front of fixed change to FC Augsburg

Last summer, Arne Maier moved to the Bundesliga competitor FC Augsburg on a loan base of Hertha BSC. For the Fuggerstädtern, the Mittelfeldmann is long indispensable. Now, Maier, who also spoke about the starting point in the relegation battle, is probably committed. The whole thing is very concrete.

20 games, one goal, four templates – the previous balance of Arne Maier at FC Augsburg reads a positive way for a central midfielder. Under coach Markus Weinzierl plays the former U21 international, if it is fit, an important role.

However, since the 23-year-old Coronabatting has already missed some encounters, the obligation to pay between the FCA and Hertha BSC can no longer intervene over five million euros, which would have been activated after 25 starting elements.

But: as the “kicker” reports, Maier, whose working paper in Berlin is actually dated until 2023, will nevertheless be earned in the next season for the FC Augsburg.

Accordingly, “has long since deposited” that the FCA Maier wants to take firmly under contract. Because in addition to the said buying obligation, the Fuggerstädter also have a purchase option. This allows the club to keep Maier for the same sum – ie five million euros -. According to the report, the Maier transfer is only “a formalism”.

Maier and FCA are still concerned about the league

Currently, the future planning for Maier, however, probably only plays a subordinate role, eventually he bangs with the FCA as well as the league as his hard-weared still-association Hertha, who had committed to the week Felix Magath as a new coach.

Three points and 20 goals Discount the Bavarian Swabia rank 14 currently from the old lady in 17th 17th 17th place. In addition, Augsburg still has a catch-up against Mainz in the hindhand.

In conversation with the “Hertha Image”, Maier steadily made it clear that its attachment to his training course Hertha continues to be large, but the compassion in the survival vapor, however, is naturally within limits.

Hertha Berlin - FC Augsburg 1-1 | Highlights | Matchday 13 – Bundesliga 2021/22
“I played there for 14 years, still look at every game, have many connections to Hertha. For a club with such great ambitions, as a capital club, is so difficult a situation in the relegation battle even more difficult,” emphasized the right foot that expressed the desire That “at the end of Hertha and Augsburg are staying in”.

However, Maier does not want to distribute gifts. “On the 30th matchday against Berlin, the points in Augsburg remain. We know the situation, are prepared. That’s why we stay in it!” He announced.

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