TV Annie,

TV Annie,

I do not know what to do with Korean dubbing support for the original animation. ‘Me and Dr. Summer Vacation ~ The 7-day trip to the end of the Doctor ~’ will be released on May 4 Nintendo Switch.

This game is a village that stimulates the perfume that is mixed with daily life and non-commercials, It is an adventure game that is a summer story of the main characters.

Major Sung Woo-jin, Park Young-nam (Shin-Cheong-gu), Kang Hee-sun (Bongjung Sun Station), Kim Hyung-jin (New Temple Station), Kim Hyung-jin (New Temple Station), Family (Shin-Chan-il), Here, the game in the game, the newspaper, and the newspaper were also translated into Korean.

shopping and packing for my summer vacation

In addition, the promotional image was released. It is a summer vacation, and the main character is leaving for nature with his family, and introduces the story that meets the character of the landscape and the characters in the Games Background in Guangzhou Oying Village. There are a variety of things that you can enjoy in the summer vacation, such as insect debt, fishing.

‘Do not do it! ‘Me and Dr. Summer Vacation ~ The 7-day trip ~’ is not over to May 4 will be released on May 4, and the price of Hope consumer price is 59,800 won. Package version reservation sales benefits are provided with a tanggu acrylic key holder, and the scheduled sales schedule will be released later.

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