Fellow Traveler announces four releases for Game Pass

Fellow Traveler announces four releases for Game Pass

Under the last They will be available as a launch. The first of the titles, which is already available in the service, is Paradise Killer , an murder Mystery of humor and fantasy in which we will have to take judgment to the murder of the advice of the island of Perfect 25. The game, which takes Available on PC since September 2020, stands out because, beyond having several finals, it makes it possible to face the case in several ways and unite the tests to generate different conclusions.

The next game to arrive according to the progress will be ** Kraken Academy! Academy, an alucination that, for legal reasons, can only be described as “a technically institute”. It combines forces with a magical Kraken to manipulate a temporary loop and save the world, “read in the official description. This Pixelled Point & Click will reach the subscription service accompanied by all DLCs with mini-games that have been published to date.

Fellow Traveller Day One with Game Pass
After Kraken Academy! It will be the shift of Citizen Sleeper , a Ciberpunk role degree, still unprecedented on all platforms, which leads us to the ruins of a decadent and turbocapitalist society on the skin of a leakage worker. After the title there are the developers of Other Waters and, so it can be sensed in its progress, mix the type of puzzles of its debut game with the typical decisions of the narrative games and the randomness added by the dice. The last game of Fellow Traveler to get to Game Pass will be Beacon Pines , a mixture of Visual Novel and Point and Click starring some children trapped in a dangerous town.

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