Buying guide racing game: The ten best racing games

Buying guide racing game: The ten best racing games

Buckle, check side mirrors and handle the engine: We start with you together in the colorful world of virtual motorsports! In our shopping guide to the genre of the racing games we present you the ten best current racing titles. In order to satisfy whole blood arcade racers as well as high-speed virtuosos alike, we start our list of arcade racers and go step by step towards ultrareism, in which no mistakes will be warped on the asphalt. Did it published the brand new Gran Turismo 7 in the list? And what is the most realistic car simulation that you can play on consoles or PC? We clarify all important questions about virtual driving.

One last note before we started: We have decided after prolonged consideration, the extremely popular genre of Fun Racers, including, for example, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or the Can not Drive This time developed by the German Studio Pixel Maniacs, this time to leave. First of all, the scope of the framework and secondly move the focus of Knallharter Asphalt action too much.

In this special with detailed video, it’s only top speeds, virtual motorsports and the fascination around cars, from road vehicles to complex racing cars.

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The BEST Way To Play 10 Classic Racing Games
1. Page 1Enauführer Rennspiele: The currently ten best racing games for every type of driver!
1. 1st Game 1: Trackmania Turbo
2. 1.20Play 2: Wreckfest
3. 1.3Ray 3: Burnout Paradise Remastered
4. 1.4spiel 4: Forza Horizon 5
5. 1.5 Game 5: F1 2021
6. 1.6ample 6: Gran Turismo 7
2. Page 2 Equipped Quantity Asphalt Realism: The Best Current Racing Games, from Game 6 to 10!
1. 2.1Game 7: Project Cars 2
2. 2.2Play 8: DIRT Rally 2.0
3. 2.3Ray 9: Assetto Corsa / Assetto Corsa Competizione
4. 2.4PLAY 10: RFACTOR 2
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Game 1: Trackmania Turbo

In addition, thanks to the route editor, there are infinitely replenishment, always new and fresh challenges and – typical of the series-tens of ways to be creatively dismissed. But the heart of Trackmania Turbo is clearly the perfecting of its own driving skills, which are always demanded at the insane speeds. For all car newcomers: How could you get better with the racing genre than with such a high-speed fun for big and small.

Game 2: Wreckfest

The racing game focused on sheet metal damage and karambolagen impresses particularly through a sophisticated damage model. If you look at the many racing competitors, all of which are rather sleepy in this area, then twice and triple is pleasing. In addition to the mischievous “destruction” competition, there is also a strong focus on rather classic motorsport in the form of races that convince with bang-hard two-fight and surprisingly great vehicle and underground feedback. If you turn the competition to scrap with Karacho in Wreckfest, not only has a great deal of fun, it also helps the painful death of the Flatout brand – gladly done!

Game 3: Burnout Paradise Remastered

On every traffic lights, racing events are waiting for us, which gives the satisfactory speed of speed over and over again super in scene. The over 70 vehicles also provide a nice variety that feeds the famous burnout gameplay loop properly with nitro. What is also particularly highlighting: Burnout Paradise Remastered is also available for the otherwise powerful Nintendo Switch. Even stable 60 images per second are achieved – essentially at a racing game! Who wants to have an accessible Arcade Racer without a lot of frills or simply want to indulge in nostalgia, who does not come over to Burnout Paradise Remastered.

Game 4: Forza Horizon 5

In addition to the huge game world, there are over 500 beautifully designed vehicles of various well-known manufacturers, countless online and solo events and a graphic splendor that is rarely to face. If you want to grab to an Arcade racer, then you are well served with Forza Horizon 5.

A short border note for all those who do not have Xbox or a functional gaming PC: Ubisofts The Crew 2 also offers a huge open game world and many fun events that can be denied with friends or al1. That’s far behind the games of the Horizon series in some areas, but Hey, but there are also boats and aircraft in addition to cars… that’s what.

Game 5: F1 2021

In the “my team” mode, in addition to the role of the driver, we are also allowed to take the team boss and important financial and strategy decisions – along with dynamic driver market, qualifying, racing strategy and press dates.
In addition, F1 2021 can be perfectly adapted to its own claim thanks to tens of settings. Whether handzahmer arcade racer or bang-hard racing with challenging sim- and realism claim, F1 2021 promises game fun of the master class. Anyone who can not wait for the early start of the season or, as so many others, suffers from the current “Drive to Survive” fever: Absolutely access!

Game 6: Gran Turismo 7

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