Why does Halo Infinite not compatible with Steam Deck?

Why does Halo Infinite not compatible with Steam Deck?

The Steam Deck started arriving at the hands of consumers a few weeks ago, but for disappointment of many, there are several titles of Microsoft that this new portable device can not run. Among them we have halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gears 5 , and Halo Infinite , and no, it is also not possible to enjoy the mode single-player in any of these games. What is this about?

Microsoft explained that due to the anti-traps system that these games use, it is basically impossible that they can run at Steam Deck. Some others like Forza Horizon 5 and Sea of ​​Thieves Yes They work on this device, but they are not verified, so users could find themselves with all kinds of problems running them.

Steam Deck - Halo Infinite Multiplayer GAMEPASS Version! (On Windows W/ Latest Windows GPU Drivers)

We also have other more extreme cases such as Destiny 2 , where Bungie explicitly mentioned that this game will not be compatible with the Steam Deck, and in fact, who attempts to run on this device could Provoke the final suspension of your account.

Editor’s note: It is a shame that some of Microsoft’s most popular games are not fully compatible with Steam Deck. I still have hope that in the future, both companies reach an agreement to allow at least one-player campaigns work on the portable console.

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