Elden Ring: The best sorceries

Elden Ring: The best sorceries

Elden Ring has the most robust magic system of all FromSoftware games so far, with all kinds of spectacular spells to launch. Although not all are very good. In fact, it can be said that some are useless and, often, it is difficult to know what is worth investing while trying to build a powerful arsenal to defeat the most difficult chiefs and areas of the game. Here we will review what we consider best sorceries in Elden Ring.

The best sorceries in Elden Ring

Bright stone pebble (int 14)

You can start with Glinstone Pebble as a astrologer, but do not be fooled thinking that this input level spell is not one of the best in the game. It is extremely efficient in FP for the damage it inflicts, and will obviously be climbed with your character and personnel as you upload level, so at the end of the game, be hitting with an impressive DPS. The Glinstone Pebble is your battle horse spell, and if you still do not have it as an astrologer, then buy it from Sorceress Sellen in Waypoint Ruins for 1,000 Runes.

Fragment of Glintstone Veloz (int 12)

Essentially a faster shooting version of Glintstone Pebble, SWIFT GLINTSTONE SHARD triggers projectiles at high speed and only costs 5FP per launch. It is another great spell to send spam to groups of enemies. You can buy it to Miriel, Paster of Vows, the giant turtle in the vows church in Liurnia of the Lakes after having delivered the parchment of the Academy, which is located in a cemetery west of the first site of Gracia de Liuna (directly north of the Stormveil castle).

Magic glossy sheet (int 14)

If he chose the prisoner class, then you will know how powerful the spell Magic Glintblade, but for those who did not, we recommend that he adds it to his arsenal. It has two unique properties: shoot from above the head of the spell pitcher and shoot two projectiles at a time. Both elements are combined to form a spell that is difficult to avoid and can hit enemies from places where, otherwise, they would be immune to damage. You can buy it for 3.00 Runes of Miriel, Paster of Vows, the giant turtle in the church of the votes in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Carian Slicer (int 14)

A spell that turns your cane into a magic body sword that cuts enemies for just a small sliding of FP by blow. The Carian Slicer is a reference spell to basically deal with any type of enemy, as long as you do not mind approaching you (something that does not necessarily look like a magical construction). You can buy it to Sorceress Sellen in Waypoint Ruins by 1500 Runes, but only after delivering the Royal House Scroll, which is located right southeast of Waypoint Ruins in a corpse that rests on a large structure.

Fragment of ambush (int 23)

If you have ever been frustrated by enemies that dodge remote spells, then Ambush Shard is the perfect solution. Hit the enemies in the back with a quantity of damage similar to a Glintstone Pebble, and can not really help it. You can find the spell in Weeping Peninsula in a corpse in the Underground Jail of Witchbane Ruins. It is a place quite easy to travel if you have a level 25+.

Rock Sabing (int 18)

Easily one of the most powerful spells of the first games, Rock Sling is a gravity spell that is perfect in combination with Meteorite Staff. Both the cane and the spell can be found in Caelid. We have a detailed guide here that offers step-by-step instructions. This should be your favorite spell for meetings with bosses to the middle of the game.

Blue Comet (int 60)

Perhaps the best spell of the late game, which is excellent in front of the meetings with chiefs and types of more difficult enemies of the game. The Kite Azur causes a lot of damage, but it has a prolonged launch time and consumes fairly FP per use. Even so, there is no doubt that it is one of the best spells of the game. To get Comet Azur, go to Hermit Village in eastern Mt. Gelmir and then head to the north, passing the minijefe of Queen Demi-Human. Look for the grace site of the Primal Azur sorcerer with the corpse of Azur; The spell closes by.

Weapon of scholar (int 12)

For those who have opted by, let’s say, a dex / int construction or some kind of hybrid configuration that allows them to handle powerful body-to-body weapons besides casting spells, scholarly armament is essential. It adds magical damage to weapons that still do not have a benefit (such as magic, faith, fire, etc.). This increases the production of damage and can be extremely powerful when combined with certain combinations of weapons. You can buy it to Sorceress selen by 3000 Runes at Waypoint Ruins.

Luna full of Rennala (int 70)

A powerful spell that you can not use until the end of the game, the moon full of Rennala is one with which you should be familiar after having defeated Rennala itself at the Academy Raya Lucaria. The spell has a very long launch time, transforming the player’s character into a moon that then throws forward and hits enemies with massive damage. It is a fun spell to launch, but you must use it carefully, given the time it has been completed.

That should give you everything you need to know about the best sorceries in Ring of Elden . Be sure to search for Elden or check our Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and information about the game.

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