How to run windows on Steam Deck

How to run windows on Steam Deck

Steam Deck is nothing but a portable mini version of the desktop. As with any other PC, you can delete and add any operating system to the machine. In this regard, many Steam Deck users are now trying to install Windows OS on their devices to support other games from such platforms, as Epic Games . To install Windows on Steam Deck, you need to create Windows boot disk on USB and Stick This is with yours Steam deck .

Install And Run Steam Deck Ui On Any PC Or Laptop - Windows Or Linux

Step-by-step Windows Installation Instructions on Steam Deck

  • First of all, download the file. ISO version of Windows 10 from the official Microsoft website. Then download and use something like Rufus make the loading flash drive.
  • Turn off Steam Deck and plug the boot USB drive to the device.
  • Keep Sound Cache Button and Power On the download menu button.

  • Use Cross To navigate and select the EFI parameter (USB device) in the download manager using A button.
  • The device will boot from the USB drive and will automatically install Windows.
  • Use Touch Screen And complete the installation as any other software.

installation order

Installer window (click “Yes”) -> Select the language (English or any other by your choice) -> “Set now” -> “Activate Windows” (enter if you have it, or select “I do not have it” ) -> Select your version of Windows (Windows 10) -> Take Conditions -> Select a custom window setting -> Clean the location, deleting the partitions (all remote parties will fall on the disk 0) -> Install Windows to Disc 0 -> Windows installed.

After installation, go to the display Settings and change the display orientation by Landscape For better user interaction. Voila, you have a working Windows on your Steam deck.

Remember that at the moment you will not be able to hear the sound through the default speakers in Windows 10. However, you can get a sound via Bluetooth or a USB TYPE-C connector.

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