F-Zero X is now available in Nintendo Switch

F-Zero X is now available in Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers + Expansion Pack can already play f-zero X in the Nintendo 64 application. Earlier this week, Nintendo announced the launch of the game on March 11, but the company tends to launch DLC and retro games With a few hours of anticipation. The original f-zero has been available at the Super Nintendo SWITCH application for quite some time, but now the fans can also see the sequel! After the launch last month of The Legend of Zelda: Majora mask, f-zero X is the thirteenth game of Nintendo 64 available as part of the Pack Expansion.

The Nintendo F-Zero racing franchise presents a futuristic environment and vehicles that are conducted at incredible speeds. After the launch of f-zero x the series saw several deliveries in Game Boy Advance and a single entrance in GameCube: F-Zero GX. While most of the series has received strong praise from criticism over the years, it has never been a great seller, and Nintendo has had trouble finding a hook for a new game; This has left the fans waiting for almost 20 years for another delivery! In recent years, Captain Falcon has appeared in Super Smash Bros Ultimate While Blue Falcon can be used in Mario Kart 8 Luxury. Clearly, Nintendo has not forgotten the series, but the fans would prefer a real F-Zero game!

F-Zero X Trailer - Nintendo 64 - Nintendo Switch Online

In the SWITCH era, several Nintendo own franchises have been much more success than in previous consoles. Notably, _ Crudge of animals: new horizons_ and terror Metroide both managed to sell more than the previous series entries, and it is logical to think that a new F-Zero game could have a similar success, if the opportunity was given. Unfortunately, it does not seem that Nintendo has immediate plans to visit the series again, so fanatics will have to settle for older switch options. If the interest in f-zero X is strong enough, maybe I could convince Nintendo to give him another chance to the series!

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