The community is not happy with exoprimal

The community is not happy with exoprimal

During the State of Play of yesterday, _ _ _ _ _, a new IP by Capcom was revealed. While there was a series of players interested in this concept, many more were disappointed to see that this title has no relationship with Dino Crisis, this despite the presence of dinosaurs and a character that looks very similar to Regina. * *

By means of Twitter, hundreds of fans showed having a series of emotions of all kinds. While some are happy to see a new property, many more are concerned about the overwatch-style multiplayer aspect, and even more are not happy with the fact that this is not a dino crisis game.

“I thought that people wanted #Dinocrysis, but it seems that again you have immersed yourself in the experimentation phase and we have an anthem x jurassic world game.”

“You can not tell me that this is not intentional.”

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“I like how it seemed like it was going to be a dino crisis, when the redhead girl appeared, but then it was like a great, fat and greasy ‘F & $ K you’ for all… all. Thanks, I guess”.

Exoprimal is positioned to be a 5V5 multiplayer where the goal is to hunt dinosaurs. This title is expected to be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC at some point of this year. You can learn more about this game here. Similarly, Square Enix fans are not happy for a similar situation.

Editor’s note:

While Exoprimal Luce as an interesting project, the initial reception leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully as we approach the launch of this title, Capcom manages to clarify several doubts and make it clear if this game is worth it.

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