Snoop Dogg takes his way into the board of the FAZE

Snoop Dogg takes his way into the board of the FAZE

The legendary hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg joined the FAZen clan and is thus the latest celebrity to join the organization. In traditional FAZen manner, he will now be known in gaming circles as a “Faze of Snoop” and join the legendary organization as talent and as a member of the board.

The inclusion of Snoop Dogg into the Org takes place in the course of the development of the FAZen Clan to a listed company later this spring. In a press release also mentions that the son of Snoop Dogg, Cordell Broadus, was largely involved in the formation of the partnership between the West Co. Rapper and the Feasible Clan. “The youth identifies with their brand and that my son Cordell knew why he brought us together,” says Snoop Dogg.

Since then, there have been rumors about a possible connection between Snoop Dogg and FAZen fans noticed that he appeared during the Superbowl half-life show with a FAZen chain. Faze Snoop went to Twitter with A to Twitter This is simple: “Joined Faz Clan”. The Tweet is accompanied by a short video that welcomes him in the team. Like the official FAZen-Clan-Twitter account said: “Officially officially official. Welcome to the family, Snoop Dogg. “

It is still waiting for how his new role is manifested as a talent in FAZen, but Snoop Dogg is not new in the life of a video game streamer and Influencers, and he has been stealing on Twitch for some time. His streams did not ran without glitches, and last year Twitch has muted him to play live music.

Snoop Dogg Joins FaZe Clan's Board of Directors

He becomes the latest celebrity, who either invests in the FAZen clan or join him as a member, and connects to other rappers such as Lil Yachty and a crowd of North American athletes, including Bronny James, son of the legendary basketball star LeBron James.

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