Valve provides new Steam Deck reservation updates

Valve provides new Steam Deck reservation updates

There has been a lot of enthusiasm about Steam Deck during the last few weeks, but many fans who booked the system are still hoping to know when they will receive it. Today, Valve revealed that the second batch of emails in the first quarter was sent to those who ordered the handheld in advance, which allowed more users to complete the purchase and have their system at hand. In addition, the company revealed that it now has “more clarity in our long-term production schedule”, so those who made anticipated orders can see if they are in the third quarter launch window for the system.

The Tweet de Valve on the update can be found embedded below.

The reception of the previous Tweet has been a bit mixed. There is still a lot of anticipation around Steam Deck, but it seems that many people who ordered the handheld in advance the first day have passed from the second to the third quarter. Some say they would like Valve would have delayed Steam Deck’s launch until there were a greater number of units available, and others say they have lost interest in the device completely due to the process. It is worth noting that those who pre-ordered Steam Deck have not yet been loaded, but some Steam users are clearly frustrated because they do not know when the handheld will come.

While these delays are clearly frustrating for some users, not everything are bad news. Valve also announced plans to offer the handheld in more regions in the near future. The company will start with Japan “at the end of the year.” That would seem to indicate that Valve is experiencing a strong demand, which could result in the manufacture of more units. It is also a good omen for Steam users who expect the company to announce the handheld for their region. Hopefully, Valve will be able to satisfy the demand, both in North America and in the rest of the world!

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