How to unlock a cavalry separation and rogue of a spleen in Final Fantasy XIV

How to unlock a cavalry separation and rogue of a spleen in Final Fantasy XIV

Cavalry Drake – a means of movement in the Final Fantasy XIV, which is caused by Horn Drake. The old driving animal, first appeared in A Realm Reborn (ARR), Cavalry Drake and Drake Horn are still popular among those who want to replenish their collection. But how to unlock the cavalry spleen and rogue of the spleen?

To unlock the Horn of Drake, you need to accomplish Quests of the Beasts of Amalghaa and lift your reputation with oath (rank 7) . At this rank, Amaljaa trader in South Tanalan, located at x: 23,2, Y: 14,1, * Let’s sell you a dragon horn per 120,000 Gil **.

This process takes about 30-40 days of common effort, since the beasts tribe quests are limited to three quests per day. Performing three quests per day with variable reputational awards, you will achieve an oath for which 1730 common reputation is required for approximately four to five weeks.

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In addition, Horn Drake often appears in Moogle Treasure Trove events as a lower level award. Sale for 30 non-standard tombstones, this vehicle was a prize in the treasury for the last few events and again appears in the event on March 14. This event takes place from March 14 to the outlet of the patch 6.1, and 30 non-standard tomestons – a fully achievable goal. It gives you the time until mid-April to unlock the horn of Drake.

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