Together into the season finale and even save

Together into the season finale and even save

Unfortunately, the Big-Points remained in Wuppertal, but we do not give up! It is further all possible in the hot final phase of the Regionalliga West – and for that we need your support in the Prussia Stadium! Secure your regular place for the season finale now and work together with us all remaining home games on Hammer Straße. And best of all, you can see all five games, but only pays four, whether on the standing places or on the grandstand.

From now on the fan and ticket shop in the Münster Arcaden or from Tuesday (from 10:00 clock) in the fan and ticket shop on the Fiffi-Schiele-Weg 1. just go to the Fan and Ticketshop on the Föfi-Schiele-Weg 1. easy to go and take ticket.

You have no opportunity to come to the shops before the next home game? Then the order form uses and sends it by mail to ticking@home game or by fax to 0251-98727-40. If you pay in advance by Thursday (10.03.) Payment in advance, your season ticket can pick up on the box office on the matchday from 17:30 clock on presentation of a photo ID.

You do not want to set you? From today are the single tickets for the next home game against Fortuna Cologne outdoor sale.

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