Mini games, cooking and other game mechanics we ignore

Mini games, cooking and other game mechanics we ignore

In games there are more and sometimes less good (optional) features and mechanics. And no matter what category you belong to some makes the Dead Redemption editors a big bow. Because even if mini-games or cooking functions make one or the other fun or even bring advantages, we have our reasons why they are more curse than blessing for us.

But you too are asked: What features and mechanics in games nerves you or are you just do not care? Write it to us in the comments.

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Hannes will never cook and mix drinks

Hannes: I love it if I can increase the stats of my RPG hero * inside. New Loot? Very nice! Level Up? Oh God, yes! Customizable accessories and jewels for the sockets in my magical ax? Absolutely! Cooking a goulash to increase the LP for 10 minutes? Mix a potion, which increases the resistance to ice damage for one hour? Dear I get a hundred times the Game Over screen! Cooking mechanics and pion crafting I always leave left.

On the one hand, it is the micromanagement that will sometime sometime too much, but the tendency that I can only provide temporary buffs with these features. I never know when the right time has come to feed certain food to the party. In the inventory, the mixtures and pea soups begin to start shimmish because I just never think about strengthening me for a short time. No matter, that’s my motto.

Annika has no desire to earn in exams badges

Annika: I like to face challenges to grow beyond me. For video games, however, I am worth a little important to prove something to me. First and foremost, I want to have fun and enjoy a good story instead of boiling with any deserved badges. Quests, which are primarily there only to put my skills on the sample, so do not attract myself behind the oven. Rather, they stretch me off, as they rarely promote me and do not make the rewards as prickling.

Lately, this was clear to me especially in two games: the parkour system in Dying Light 2 makes me huge fun, but in the Nightrunner exams then on time there is a departure and annoy over mistakes? No, let. Or in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla master the master challenges that test my fight and stealth skills? While they are connected to small Storyhäppchen, but I prefer to taste Youtube instead of constantly putting me the same tasks.

Linda does not race in non-racing games

Linda: No matter if car racing in the GTA games, horse racing in Red Dead Redemption (2) or recently machine races in Horizon Forbidden West – all this does not matter to me. In Open World titles, I always ignore such side-time activities. Unless I now really want to grab a certain trophy or has to take a look on it for professional reasons. As a rule, I do a big bow drum, simply and simple, because I just do not like racing. They are too stressful for me.

And in the special case of Horizon Forbidden West, do not even fit the core gameplay. I want to kill machines and do not run with them around the bet. Such occupations are rather attached than they would match the world and the rest of the gameplay. No, let’s go with your race. You can chase me.

Kai has no nerve for mini-games and fashion

Kai: If there is one, which revites me again and again in Open Worlds, then these absurd mini-games that you can play everywhere. Just up again through the “machine dispute” in Horizon Forbidden West. When I’m on the road to stop a potential danger to all life on the planet, I do not come to the idea of ​​gambling in every settlement stupid board games! There are exceptions such as Red Dead Redemption, where poker and Co. can easily belong to Western setting, but generally one can with such side-time activities, be it now board card or other games, hunt.

Just as stupid and meaningless I also find the coloring of the clothes. Sure, I climb with Aloy on mountain peaks to pick stupid flowers with whom I can stain my clothes somewhere – blast me the shoe! Ultimately, it does not matter to the machines whether they are now disassembled by a black, blue or otherwise dressed aloy. And me too. The shreds just have to be functional.

Max has no desire for complicated items

Max: An important part of role games is your own character build. In order to achieve the ideal damage values, developer teams are all sorts of complicated mechanics and symbioses between different objects, which should make my choice of items more exciting. But do you know what? I like it boring.

Fortnite MINIGAMES: Beck Destroys the Family! K-CITY GAMING
There are very efficient items out there, which quickly annoy me with their requirements. So I mean something like: “If you dance three times on a leg clockwise at night around a shiny tree and have ‘las ketchup’, then this ring is +50 strength for 10 minutes!”. Joah, may be. I take the ring that just give me +5 strength and finish. But thanks for demand.

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