The massive patch of the first day of great tourism 7 is now available

The massive patch of the first day of great tourism 7 is now available

gran Turismo 7 is not available (at least for those of us in the United States) for a couple of hours, but that has not prevented Sony and the Polyphony Digital developer to publish the first day patch of the game before. With GT7 SONY it is already available in other regions of the world and now it has made the first update of the game downloadable. And fortunately, although gran tourism 7 is not yet available to play in your own part of the world, you can install this update right now.

The update of the day one for gran tourism 7, which is version 1.050, it was launched today for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. In total, the patch has 17 GB in total, which is quite large. As a whole, this patch alone is almost a quarter of the size of GT7 base installation size. And although we still do not know everything about what is included in this update, it is likely that patch notes will be published in the near future.

As mentioned, if you are someone who already has a tourism 7_ pre-installed on your PS5 or PS4 digitally, you can also download this patch of day one before the game is formally available. Obviously, if you are looking to pick up gt7 physically, you will have to wait a little longer to get the update by yourself. Even so, it is good to know at least how much data you will have to download each time the process of getting this patch begins.

gran Turismo 7 will be available tomorrow, March 4, on the PlayStation 5 platforms and PlayStation 4. If you want to stay afloat until the launch, you can read our brilliant game review right here.

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On the contrary, you can also get more information about GT7 thanks to an official Sony description below.

«GREAT TOURISM 7_ Gather the best features of Real Driving Simulator. Whether you are a competitive or casual runner, collector, tuner, cask designer or photographer, find your line with an amazing collection of game modes that include fans favorites such as GT Campaign, Arcade and Driving School.

With more than 420 cars available at Brand Central and the car dealer used from the first day, gran Turismo 7 recreates the appearance and feeling of classic motors and the latest generation supercar alike with incomparable details. Each car is handled differently and feels unique as it navigates for more than 90 track routes under dynamic climatic conditions, including the classic tracks of GT history. «

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