Adan Thief of Fire Boss Guide: How to Defeat Adan in Elden Ring

Adan Thief of Fire Boss Guide: How to Defeat Adan in Elden Ring

Adan, Thief of Fire is a stocky firearm that gives you the feeling as if Elden Ring is trolling you throughout the fight. Although he is not overly difficult, he fights like a cheaper player and can initially prove difficult. Adan Thief of Fire can be found in the Evergaol of the Malefactors, similar to the Crucible Knight and Ancient Hero of Zamor.

Malefactors Evergaol reach

The Malefactor Evergaol location is very close to the Lake-facing Cliffs Site of Grace. If you are teleporting yourself to this site of grace, you can take the road down the cliff, which passes you past an enemy camp full of warriors.

As soon as you left the camp behind you, you will be led to Liurnia of the Lakes. Next to the place of grace, there will be a dealer selling astrologer equipment. If you look at the cliff next to the mandrel, you will see an object on the cliff, the sacrificial branch. If you climb Skyrim on the side of the cliff, you get the branch, and a bit more trot takes you to the Malfactor Evergaol.

If the item does not matter and you do not feel like trying to try out the cliffs frustrating, there is another way. Drive with Torrent around the same mountain cliffs and turn left, you will see a wind swirl. Leave Torrent jump into the strudel to safely bring him to Malfactor Evergaol.

The center of the Steinruine lit Purple and you can enter the Evergaol to start your fight with Adan. The firework fights like a cheaper multiplayer spammer and you will see it soon enough. He has only one strategy with a few different combinations that match.

How to adan, the thief of the fire, defeated in elden ring

First, Adan will always use his magic Flame of the Fell God to summon a massive fireball, which pursues you a while and then explodes. If you insist to stay away from him, he will summon several of them and then fall on them. This will force you to either withdraw or try to confront it and risk that the fireball explodes on it. To be taken from the fireball is a death sentence, especially as low-level players.

If you come to Adan too close, he will start using the spell flame to use them to squeeze away. He also fights with a morning star, with whom he will do uneven damage. Some of his simple blows will hardly hurt them while some of his heavy blows will almost do them with a blow.

His two combo is a double lighter momentum, followed by a heavy failure step and a combo, in which he attacks about 8 times slightly before he ends with a serious attack. To round off the whole, Adan finally has a medicinal bottle and will use it at about 40% health, unless they stop him from drinking them. This is difficult because he usually conserves a fireball for protection and then heals itself.

Adan Thief of Fire defeat with melee

Adan, Thief of Fire is annoying, but it can be pretty easy to defeat him when playing patient. The good thing about this fight is that the boss is easy to stun. Most attacks will affect him from themselves and enable them to get many good combos. That is, if Adan thrown the fireball, they have to retire from him as he explodes and may kill them.

The most effective strategy is to excite adan relentlessly if he spawns for the first time. Since he is easy to stun, they will most likely be able to destroy the most part of his health. Play here in the defensive. Run away from his fireball and do not stay too close to catch the spell flame.

The ideal time to strike is when Adan starts his long-term morning star combo. Near him to trigger his heavy blow, and go back to avoid him. (You do not have to dodge it because it can be easily telegraphed). As soon as he does that, start a flood of attacks and fall back when he recovered. Rinse and repeat this until the victory.

Defeat Adan, the thief of the fire, with magic

Adan, Thief of Fire (Malefactor's Evergaol) - Narrated Boss Guide - Elden Ring [4k HDR]

Adan is very good in avoiding far-reaching magic, and he can decide against most attacks, so it will not work to catch him unprepared. Apart from that, the best strategy is to use his own spell against him, Catch Flame. Although he is a firearm, Adan is still very weak, which is concerned with fire magic. At the beginning of the fight continuously graduate with the magic. He will not be fast enough to escape, and they can cause tons of damage until the magic goes out. It is even possible to simply win the fight in this way, as the magic will stubborn him continuously until they stop spamming the spell.

When Adan escapes, pull back and repeat the above strategy. If you want to use magic with a long range, you can best make sure it lands by waiting until he uses his fur God spell. It is less likely that he rejects this spell than all his other attacks.

No matter which strategy you use, remember that it is best to remember that patience will win the fight. Do not be in danger to rushing adan if he tries to heal. It’s best to just use it to use a bottle and drown it back.

Once pleased, the fire coach will leave the back flame of the fallen of God . This new spell gives you the ability to summon the big flame bomb, which Adan has used against you throughout the boss fight. It is an incredibly impressive spell that can only be practiced by stained with a high degree of faith.

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