Further chance of helped

Further chance of helped

Valve has used the launch of the Steam Deck in order to publish a new game out of the house again. But it is only a small project called Aperture Desk Job , which should approach the different functions of the handheld . The whole thing is located in the universe of Portal – a successor of Portal 2 but of course it is not how Valve announces on the product page itself.

More games currently in Valve in Development

Hope fans are now able to make themselves many other titles of Valve. For in an interview, Greg Coomer betrayed that straight “several games in development” have been, in which it is very “exciting [projects]” . Of course, what titles it is, he did not reveal.

Does Half-Life 3 come?

As soon as you talk about brand new games of Valve , the community desires above all Half Life 3 . Especially through the release of the VR offshoot Half-Life: Alyx In 2020, the hope of the legendary third part was released again. Half-Life 3 is far from the only game to see the fans of Valve. Also new projects of Portal or Left 4 Dead are on the wish list.

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Plans for more Steam decks

Habe Newell also suggested in an interview that the Steam Deck is getting in the distant future new models , where recent hardware will be installed. Currently, the focus is fully on the current Steam Deck, which has arrived this week at the first pre-orderers. And demand is currently enormous. The queue is so far extended to the third quarter 2022.

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