Drones are available up to 20 km – communication

Drones are available up to 20 km – communication

In the current reasons for communication in the low-end, a project that develops a drones that can be flight and only 1km in and out of the low-frequency (433MHz) band, which can fly up to 20 km of non-sighted sights.

The Ministry of Information and Communications Department of Science and Technology announced that it has launched a business with the launch of the 3-day Challenge, a three-day launch meeting, which is a member of the Development and Delegation of Drones (18.9 billion won for USD) (18.9 billion won for the total business expenses of W18.9bn in 2021-2025).

In the Consortium, a member of the Organizer, KAIST, KAIST (KAIST), Mokpo Marine University, Four universities, including Villav MicroR, Quatterian, AENE Solution, Silicon Al Andi, Solid Labs, Ke Estee, Aybi, Ned Solution Participate.

Drones must duplicate communication (RF communication + 4G ‧ 5G communication duration, etc.) in response to low and non-fee-based safety standards according to Air Safety Law Special Flight Safety standards.

Normally 4G‧5G communication duration networks are not distinguished, but RF communication in the existing 2.4GHz ‧5GHz band is only 1 km, and a long distance of drones long distance to the long distance is limited than that.

The Operation Department has reported a 433MHz band (RF communication) supply that can communicate up to 20 km, while announcing the 5G + spectrum plan in 2019.

Accordingly, it is necessary to develop a source core technology such as a 433 MHz (RF communication) + 5G (period network), such as communication and redundancy technology, such as communication and redundancy technology, which is appropriate for domestic operating drones, such as communication and redundancy technology.

The Kwangwoon University Consortium develops 433MHz-based communications technology for the next five years, as well as the development of 433 MHz band communications, as well as the development of business, and to provide offshore management, disregarding marine management, transportation, We plan to demonstrate long-range flights such as rainfall flight.

To this end, we develop frequency joint usage technologies such that amateur wireless and horny interference using the existing 433 MHz band will not occur, and present a wireless facility technique criteria.

And it is also expected to develop controllers and security technologies to operate 433MHz communication with a secondary channel (duplication).

Drone communication and traffic management over mobile networks

The dramatic expansion of the drones operating distance through this is expected to be more activated by the public and commercial drones market by applying the landmark of the driven operation in various fields such as defense, security, secure, construction, logistics and content.

The executive of this source of the Orthodox Convergence Technology is a very core element for long-distance flights to long-distance flights to long-distance flights. ” By providing scaffolding for drones long-distance flight, it will be the role of a strong assistant to enable the domestic drones industry, as well as the domestic drones industry. “

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