Reporting, Steam Deck already suffers a major hardware problem

Reporting, Steam Deck already suffers a major hardware problem

It is possible that Valve has begun to send Steam Deck orders in recent days, but it seems that the new portable PC platform could already be suffering some quite important problems. In recent years, the “drift” of the controller has become a problem with several different platforms. While the Joy-with that are used with Nintendo Switch are perhaps the most outstanding instances of this problem, several Xbox drivers have also suffered similar problems. Now, it seems that Steam Deck could have a problem with the joystick’s displacement if a new video is something to happen.

Since the launch of Steam Deck, several users have shared videos with the platform officer. Subreddit showing drift that takes place with the right stock. If you are not familiar with what is drifting, essentially, it is when the joystick of a controller requests some type of movement in the game, although the joystick itself is not maneuvering. The videos that have been shared (one of which can see below) seem to show clearly that Steam Deck suffers a deviation from the controller. However, it is not known if this problem is widespread or not.

Perhaps the worst thing that Steam Deck has a problem with drift drift is that the hardware control levers are permanently blocked in the system. With the switch joy-with, if you are with a drift problem, you can always change the joy-with for a new pair (although this is expensive in itself). With Steam Deck, there is no easy way to rectify the problem unless the whole platform is sent for repair. At this time, it is not known if Valve will change the Steam Deck units by buyers who may be experiencing this problem. However, we will make sure to keep you informed here at if more information arises.

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