How to Improve Bolt Clip Bag in Horizon Forbidden West

How to Improve Bolt Clip Bag in Horizon Forbidden West

In Horizon Forbidden West, players begin with limited lifting capacity for most items. Modernization of these bags for carrying more items should be a priority at the beginning of the game, because it can be of great importance, especially during heavy battles. The presence of additional arrows, bolts or potions of health can change the rules of the game.

Improvement bags with bolts clip Allow players to carry bolts with you for your boltball. This is an excellent update that you need to work, because the boltball makes a huge opponent damage with proper use and can be useful during some of some of the more complex fights in the game. The presence of a larger number of bolts for weapons gives players a good advantage.

What ingredients are needed to improve the bag with a bolt clamp?

There are only four ** Improvements with a bolt clip. The items necessary for each update are listed below:

  • Update 1 – 50 metal fragments and 2 baker skins
  • update 2 – 100 metal fragments, 1 bakery skin and 1 Pelican transverse bone
  • Update 3 – 200 metal fragments, 1 bone of snow ram and 3 feather seagulls
  • Update 4 – 300 metal fragments, 2 Pelican Feather, 1 Rainbow Crab Shell and 1 Rainbow Omar Shecrew

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Metal fragments can be obtained by killing cars and enemies-people around the world, or find in boxes and boxes. Parts of animals used for crafting fall out of animals that are not machines in Horizon Forbidden West. There are many of them, and they are easy to find them, so it will not be difficult to get the components.

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