Elden Ring: Find special bosses at night and helpful item for fight against margit

Elden Ring: Find special bosses at night and helpful item for fight against margit

Elden Ring is a masterpiece, seeing Our editors in your test Just like most of the games and the colleagues of other pressing media. But in the core, Elden Ring remains a From Software game and therefore includes bucking boss struggles and sometimes some confused mechanics for genre newcomers.

So you should still have starting difficulties in the intermediate country, we really recommend a look at our tips for beginners . There we explain not only the class choice , but also tell you where you find the optional tutorial area and the practical horse StormWind .

Caution spoiler! The following article reveals two different boss species from the game as well as an NPC encounter. If you do not want to know what it’s about, listen to reading here!

If you have brought the first hours behind you and galloped by Limgrave with raised, but from the first story boss Margit, the cruel times , one gets on the lid, then we have exactly the right object for you. We also show you where you can find two special bosses, which also leave practical items .

How do I get to Margits chain?

If you have the feeling that you are still missing with NPC summon and ghost ash, to defeat Margit, then make you looking for the object “Margits chain” . The starting point for the search is the Agheel Sea in the middle of Limgrave, from which a river arm leads to the north. Follow this river north, until you find the cave entrance on the left side the cave entrance to cloud flow cave marked by a small campfire.

First activates the place of grace at the beginning of the cave and then goes deeper. Attention: On the floor, small chains are distributed with bells everywhere, which alert the opponents in the cave when touched. So fits where you adjoin! First completes the normal bandits and then follow the course on the right side. In the end you come in a large room with a chest.

When opening the treasure chest, a pretty well known voice sounds: the NPC patches , the veterans already know from previous from software games, has been waiting for you only and involves you in a fight. As soon as you halve his life bar, he asks for grace and gives up. If you leave him alive, locked in a place of grace and then comes back, patches sell you in a number of useful items.

With him you get for 5000 Runes also Margits chain. This is a usable object with which your margite, the cruel times in the first phase of the struggle can be combined twice-out. An urgently needed respiratory break in this nerve-wracking boss fight that could give you the victory.

Where can I find the death bird boss?

If you have long sent Margit to the boards and are now looking for new challenges, then you should visit the following bosses. For both the death bird and the dark cavalry are easy to miss: they appear exclusively night s.

There are several death birds in the game. The feathered enemies are huge and extremely scary, but the defeat is worthwhile. The first bird of death can be found in the north of Limgrave, southeast of the Hütte of the War Champion and the place of the eponymous place of grace. There are also many of the giants with hollowed stomach, therefore a tip or a warning in advance.

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In the fight against the bird of death, it can quickly happen that one of the giants will be attentive to you. What sounds threatening, may be to your advantage: The two opponents to defeat while trying you, even hurt each other and thus make the fight much easier. But that brings also its pitfalls: So you have to dodge namely two huge monsters at once.

Another death of birds can be found north of Castle Morne on the peninsula of tears and a third driving very close to the northeast from the place of grace “Picturesque Island” in west-central Liurnia, the Lake District around. In these places there are not giants but, you are so set on you alone.

The death of birds near the hut of the war master reward you in your victory with the Talisman “Blue winged Astschwert” . This talisman enhances your Verteidungskraft when you only have low health. Defeat her, however, the bird of death in Liurnia, you get the Talisman “red feathery Astschwert” , which has the same effect, but with regard to your attack power. The death of birds on the peninsula of tears drops the weapon “Opferpriesteraxt” .

Where the dark Cavalry Boss is on the loose?

Even the boss called dark cavalry you can only meet after the sun has gone down. Both the rider and his horse are completely wrapped in black and dangerous opponents. The rider wears, depending on which you meet, a different weapon – because the dark cavalry is available several times in Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €).

One of the bosses can be found directly at the place of grace called “Wall of Castle Morne” on the peninsula of tears . After the victory you get the war ash: barricade plate , with the your shield completely wade almost every damage for a while. Another dark cavalry rides along the bridge southeast of the storm gate in Limgrave. She grants you after your demise War Strait: Shock Hail .

Also in Liurnia, the Seenland finds a dark cavalry, namely below the village of the grace “Bridge of the Torstadt”. If you win the fight, you will be rewarded with the War Strait: Eispeer . A fourth dark cavalry galloped by Caelid , more precisely on the Southern Road, east of the place of grace of the same name. She holds the War Strait: Toxic Falter ready for you.

Each of the dark cavalies can also drop their weapon after your victory in addition to the war ash, but there is no guarantee. And finally a tip: you bite in the fight against one of the bosses listed above into the grass, the game jumps back to the morning. For a renewed attempt, you must first switch to night break at a place of grace.

More tips on Elden Ring complacent?

If you are already hit for a fear of death or a dark cavalry, but have just seen a country in the fight against them, just summon another player! How does that work and what the multiplayer mode from Elden Ring else hides so, we reveal you in this article.

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