Steam Deck: Gabe Newell surprises distributing the first units in hand

Steam Deck: Gabe Newell surprises distributing the first units in hand

The News Revealed - Gabe Newell is My Dad - Letting off Steam
Gabe Newell hSteam Deck surprised the community around Bellevue, WSteam Deckhington, where they are the main offices of Valve . The company’s head of the company wSteam Deck put on the buffer hat of the units reserved by the periphery. That’s how it surprised the community.

Gabe Newell wSteam Deck Steam Deck’s first dealer

“I received a suspicious email saying that the sending of my Steam Deck would arrive a few days before and that could be delivered if someone wSteam Deck at home. He wSteam Deck skeptical at first and I did not want to have much hope, “explains him U / Bitfiddler0, user of Reddit .

“I told my wife that she wSteam Deck aware of the deliveries while she wSteam Deck traveling with my friends. The ‘dealer’ came and my wife opened him. He Steam Deckked ‘Is Mike at home?’, To what she said ‘no, but you can leave me the package to me… And what are those camerSteam Deck?’ She did not know that the ‘dealer’ wSteam Deck Gabe Newell “.

He himself shared the arrival of Newell at his home package in hand and dressed in Steam Deck logos. But the walk of him did not stop there. “I saw a team of camerSteam Deck go to my neighbors’ house while carrying the trunk of my car. My floor partner recognized that the guy wSteam Deck followed by Gaben. I did not believe him, but our other companion verified yes, it wSteam Deck Gabe. “

U / SatteleInpidgeons, Steam Deck this other user is called, he had enough plus luck: “After I deliver the Steam Deck of my neighbor, we shout ‘Hello Gabe!’. In a moment he Steam Deckked us how many we lived in the house, he returned to the van of him and gave us a Steam Deck to each 1. He wSteam Deck also recording us so I Steam Decksume that they will use it for some online promotion. Great day, “he concludes. The Steam Deck distributed by Newell feature the autograph of him at the cover.

In this link we tell you everything you need to know so Steam Deck not to miss the launch of valve laptop.

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