New World: Great update 1.4 is here

New World: Great update 1.4 is here

For New World the update 1.4 is available as a download . The new patch was played in the course of a current downtime – the servers were recently offline for several hours. Meanwhile, the developers of the Amazon Game Studios published the patch Notes and thus information about the changes and innovations. “With well over 100 important bug fixes and updates, making the movement, fight and actions of liquid, everything revolves in this update about the elimination of bugs and the improvement of the gaming experience in Aeternum”, share the makers of the MMOG.

PATCH IS HERE! How Does the Future Look? | February Patch Notes | New World

Innovations at the outpost tower

In addition, the outdoor item tower was optimized – from the game balance to the rewards. For example, it has been fixed an error in which the name of objects has been displayed in the outdoor post tower in Fort barriers in the outdoor post tower, with which the player had previously interacted. Furthermore, the disproportion of damage now increases the points of players, while the transfer of players and KI opponents brings fewer points.

What the patch also changes

The conclusion of a game in the outdoor post tower now brings shadow splinters. There are 100 splinters for the winning team and 50 splinters for the loser team. In order to get this reward, you have to reach the required minimum score. In addition, you will get individual parliamentary marks when reaching the required minimum point number. There are also numerous bug fixes and other optimizations. The full patch Notes with all the information about the new patch for New World (Buy Now 39.99 €) can be found on the website for the Amazon MMOG.

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