The Sims 5: Expert explains how it becomes the absolute dream game

** The wish of the community is getting louder: the Sims 5 must finally come! But Publisher EA and developer Maxis hold tight. Apart from a few hints, nothing is known yet to the new life simulation. As long as we are still in this suspense, we should determine what the Sims 5 definitely needs to achieve the next level. And who should know that better than the absolute Sims expert Daniel

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How can the SIMS 5 still turn everything?

Building, living, playing and everything around – it’s hard to believe: Since 2014, the Sims 4 enthusiastically excited his players and is still served today with new content (Source: Steamcharts). With “my wedding stories”, the fiftieth enlargement now appears, all DLCs and sets with settled (Source: EA). During such a success story, it still needs the Sims 5?

Of course, Daniel, but exactly because the Sims 4 are so good, EA does not need to think about a hurry. The community is still satisfied with the current game, even if you want to know, of course, when the Sims 5 appears. “_I think it goes towards 2022, more than 2023. But I think it’s up to the doorstep,” says Daniel. But which new features will the Sims 5 offer in contrast to its predecessor? So far, not much is known yet.

Published job postings provide evidence of a subscription service, statements from a venturebeat interview with Laura Miele, Chief Studios Officer at EA, suggest new multiplayer features (Source: Vimeo). will and should there be a coop mode in the SIMS 5? Daniel is skeptical. According to him, EA has learned from his failed multiplayer attempts in the Sims Universe and would only carefully approach this area.

If a multiplayer comes, it must be installed as a separated and optional online area. But even if the assembly and play together maybe have something for themselves, he does not hold it for the nonplusultra feature from the Sims 5, which could inspire for a long time. “_In the Sims always went to their own world. It’s my world in which I can escape and that I can make as I want that.

  • The latest gameplay extension “My wedding stories” appeared on February 23, where everything revolves around the most beautiful day in your Simsleben:

The Sims 5: More possibilities, more control, more creativity

To achieve the next level of life simulation with the SIMS 5, the wheel must not be completely reinvented, so the expert. The Sims 4 provide a good base that developers Maxis only build on a new engine and then improve. And that would mainly affect the general game possibilities **. Much too often, players still could not build and play as they want. Daniel lists us to his wish features for this, with some not newly developed, but only made of older “the SIMS” parts would have to be retrieved:

  • “_Man should expand the entire creative tools , especially in the SIMS Create. More starting points, more colors, especially the color wheel. That you can set 3 patterns as in the SIMS and can pull on other objects. So you can customize much deeper. There is nothing more annoying if you want to create yourself or another person and look funny the result.

  • Der world editor from the SIMS 3 must come back. That was an incredibly creative tool to make the whole thing about it. We can make everything, the Sims, the houses, the stories, but not the world. In the same train, an open world would be desirable, so that you can not just walk around in its neighborhood.

  • Easy to use and practical construction tools: “_wendeltreppen in the SIMS 4 are a good example that the community has desired a feature and has not listened to EA. Instead of simply installing spiral stairs, you can use corner stairs and turn stairs and make them higher. Proper approach, wrong product. In the Sims 5 I want to have all the tools to implement exactly what I want. “

The Sims 5: Give us more life moments, not Star Wars!

When the main game is first and provides a good base, the developer can build on extensions. For Daniel, it is important to pay more attention to the selection of the contents more, Near the core of the simulation“, “The everyday to take, similar to how it already makes the extension “my wedding stories” – and Not completely passed with some scorched as the Star Wars DLC. He knew exactly what DLC he would wish first for the Sims 5, if this would not belong to the main game anyway.

I wish me, that the babies that this age level is extremely expanded . Currently, the babies are nothing more than objects that can only feed and do not even wear (…) This is an important and highly neglected age group, “explains Daniel. “Inbreakers, horses, an extension similar to joie de vivre, which has seniors with salboards and teens, play the pranks (…) It’s about content that make the simulation and make a more credible so that you can move more.

The SIMS 5: The dream of the Next-Gen simulation

And beyond? Daniel finds the idea exciting how the Sims 5 could benefit from a better technique. For him could represent a new gameplay ki the game changing feature of the SIMS 5.

ES would be interesting if processes would no longer be predefined, but to be controlled by a system that looks at your playing style. The Sims 5 could respond to your playing style by a Ki, a function that makes the game of lively. Which the events registered and acts on it.

A wedding application goes wrong, someone loses his job, something special happens and breaks through the Heal World – Daniel finds that the Sims 4 makes the players in contrast to the earlier parts generally much too easy and that the Sims 5 through a new ki * * Much more surprises and individual events could offer that the game is more exciting and the life simulation more realistic.

Speaking more realistic – if the Ki was already there, you could also work on the Animations of the Sims . At the latest in the Sims 5 there should be no Sims anymore, which beam into their cars or objects from the nothing conversation, only animations are saved. Sure, you got used to it, but something out of the simulation is tearing out again, says the Sims expert.

So far, nothing is known to the SIMS 5 except smaller clues. Daniel has already an exact idea of ​​how the Sims 5 should look to inspire many players. We thank you at this point for the charming interview and wish you and your community a lot of fun build, Daniel. And that your Sims do not put the house on fire when cooking.

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