Minecraft fan conjures song and the whole game is the instrument

Minecraft fan conjures song and the whole game is the instrument

In Minecraft, the most impressive buildings and most remarkable ideas are created. While there is otherwise something to marvel at the eyes, a fan now conjures a creation, which is intended for your ears.

Cat, chicken and villager: Minecraft song is wild

While the subreddit of Minecraft is otherwise puffed only before buildings and visual creations, a player now has considered a very different creative valley to the sandbox game. a minecraft song . And only from existing ingame sounds.

Instead of putting on melodic sounds, Kaelondrae has served more unusual sounds for his track. From the cackling chicken, about mine cats, to dying pigs – especially the animals of the survival games seem to have done to the creator.

The whole thing is accompanied by a pair of video cutouts , which skilfully stages the stars of the sounds. Listen to the result best in reddit post:

What keeps the community of the Minecraft Song?

On Reddit, the community celebrates the idiosyncratic track and speaks in over 100 comments and with almost 6,000 upvotes out of their praise.

Some questions jokingly, when because the Spotify release is to be expected for the song. The USER HIFERINDS is well found that Kaelondrae has remained faithful to the original sounds and did not change it with the used program FL studio.

In doing so, Kaelondrae admits that he has worked at least the voice of the villagers. Many puzzles also, which sounds have come to wear and wonder that simple sounds, like running over grass blocks, can produce such a result.

Several commentators want the music piece as a record in the game , which can be collected in the world of survival games.

I Made a Song in Minecraft!

The earworm is guaranteed for many and especially the cat’s end is a crowning degree for this extraordinary minecraft song.

_Not any minecraft creation is so amusing and succeeded as this soundtrack. This proves this picture section : _

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