Horizon Forbidden West: Store with microtransaktions could come

Horizon Forbidden West: Store with microtransaktions could come

Gets Horizon Forbidden West a Online Store ? This possibility has recently joined the VSC rating board on Twitter (maybe unwanted). Horizon Forbidden West is currently located next to Elden Ring The largest and most important PlayStation 5 title of the spring 2022. Also we have expressed a lot of praise for the Open World Adventure of Guerrilla Games in our test. The game, which was shifted according to its own specification, among other things to avoid crunch, could obtain DLCs like its predecessor to expand the already lush content. More details have not been known. But what has it with a guidance online store?

Who is the VSC?

The information comes from a Twitter video of the VSC rating board. This is the organization responsible for PEGI classifications in the United Kingdom. Brief videos are published on the Board’s Twitter account, which explains how it comes to evaluate certain games, including Horizon Forbidden West.

In this interesting insight into the classification of the game on the part of the VSC was also talked about an “online Storefront”. In this, the players and players could buy DLCs. Since some parents may be interested in the PEGI rating, the note “Ingame Purchases” was placed. In addition, the presentation of violence in Horizon was spoken. Since the game is running under the PEGI rating 16 in the UK, there were also possible alternatives for younger age groups, for example Zelda: Breath of the Wild .

Which DLCs come for Horizon Forbidden West?

What is to act exactly with these DLCs is not known. Some may feel reminded of numerous, violently criticized Storefronts from Ubisoft games. Currently, however, no online store exists in Horizon Forbidden West (Buy Now). In addition, it is spoken that you are able to connect through the game with an online store. It is not known to what extent this would be integrated into the game, such as in some Assassin’s Creed Games or Immortals Fenyx Rising .

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For pessimistic people, this message could be a bad omen in Puncto InGame purchases in Horizon. However, the information is so vagulating that the concrete implementation leaves a lot of interpretation space open. So we have to stay patient and wait until GUERRILLA GAMES and SONY provide us with further information.

Sources: VSC, Gamingbolt

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