Horizon Forbidden West: Embarrassing comments by Gamern Back fans in bad light

Horizon Forbidden West: Embarrassing comments by Gamern Back fans in bad light

Horizon Forbidden West already has the first hundred hate Reviews on Metacritic. 0/10 points gets the game – very nice harsh! The reason is at some more and other less hidden: Main figure Aloy is simply not attractive enough. She is also a woman! Something that seems to the limits of some players anyway.

A commentary of Marina Hänsel.

An old debate cooks up with the release of Horizon Forbidden West and thus also hate reviews on metacritic. Already after a trailer Reveal 2021, some players had reported, the Aloy as too ugly, too thick or too too Muscular feeling – on Reddit about exploited users about how it is possible that Aloy could have increased despite all their adventures on the face. _Sie make sports! You must look like a model! _

It turns out the question: Have these players ever seen a real woman or orient themselves only on high-gloss magazines with baptismal model images? Is the users known that sports by no means transform any body into the Western ideal of a dining person? That every body, for example,, for example, completely individually spread fat – and also muscles look different with everyone? Aloy is a realistic women’s figure to some extent, which is, among other things, that it is played by Motion Capture by the Dutch actress Hannah Hoekstra.

And even if Aloy had not been transferred from a real actress into the game: is the representation of unrealistic or morbid faces and bodies so important that some players go to the barricades without them? Why do female characters have to be malnourished or with an impossible waist, so to be accepted? Is not it – a very daring thought! – maybe even quite pleasing if a developer tries to represent realistic people who remember more of the players themselves? If some things can not feel any sympathy more realistic women or men, then this is just a more sad image of some gamer communities **.

The perfect woman – or not at all?

It is an incomprehensible topic for me: Why do players react with rage on women in games? 2018 For example, the strategy game was totally: Rome 2 overturned with bad reviews as an update brought more female generals into the game. The (apparent) reason: A woman as a general would not be historically wrong. But the developers pointed out that Total was: Rome 2 no accurate history simulation was – and it has never been.

Never before I saw such hatred comments due to many male people in a game. But if a woman play the main character and _ too male appearance_, the network is full of angry. Or should, God preserve, have a non-heterosexual character in a game – _auf the barricades! Everything burns down! _Das seemed to think at least some players at The Last of US 2.

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It’s like this: We live in a society in which people look different in which women may be muscular, men can be feminine and everyone may love those who he wants (as part of the laws). Of course, that’s all always, all we needed our western society for a while to accept that. Who can not keep up there, should perhaps no longer turn to new media, but read books from the 19th century. And those who were not progressive at that time.

Sometimes I really have to ask myself why discussing discussions, especially under players, our company has led about fifty years ago. Games are a comparable young medium, but a part of the spectator seems to be left behind last millennium.

And even if the sight of a woman troubles and triggers with someone, why does not he think of other games? Instead of reviewing review bombing, which not only uses user scores, but also as good as no effect on such a topic has – apart from the fact that the term ‘gamer’ gets an embarrassing tissue. must be that ?

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